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Mandragora Tattoo Studio

Spanish Building Interior Development – design by BABELstudio, architects

3 Oct 2013

Bilbao Tattoo Parlour

Design: BABELstudio

Address: Doctor Fleming Kalea, 4, 48980 Santurtzi, Bizkaia, Spain

Phone: +34 944 83 76 92

Location: Bilbao, Basque Country, north east Spain

Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao

Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao interior
images from architects

The design strategy conceives the large depth of the space as a quality of its own and therefore organizes the various uses of the tattoo studio by positioning three simple volumes of different heights along the enclosing wall.

Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao interior Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao interior

The boxes accommodate the reception counter, an enclosed piercing area and service rooms, while the open space sequence is arranged in accordance with the creation of a tattoo and provides insight into the working process of the artists. Thus the storefront serves as reception area and the client attendance, proceeded by the area of drawing and designing situated behind the counter and directly linked with the tattooing zone.

Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao interior Mandragora Tattoo Studio Bilbao interior

The enveloping black side-wall and the maintained, continuous plaster-ceiling support the spatial continuum, enhanced by an independent layout of the neon lighting system. Each front plane of the volumes bear black/white graphics conceived as integrative part of the architectural design and outlining the studios dedication.

Mandragora Tattoo Studio information / images received from BABELstudio

Location: Bilbao, Basque Country, Northeast Spain

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