New Residence in Belgium, Lakeside property, Contemporary Belgian house, Building architect

House by a Lake in Belgium

Contemporary Belgian Residence: Architecture – new waterfront property design by BBSC-Architects

Design: BBSC-Architects

Private Residence, Belgium

House by a Lake in Belgium property

Photos by Wim Van Eesbeeck

3 Apr 2014

Belgian House by a Lake

House by a Lake in Belgium was a team effort of BBSC-Architects, and shows the key elements of our architectural strategy: light, sight and see-through (in Dutch licht, zicht & doorzicht). We try to work as much as possible with materials fit for the purpose. Keeping sustainability in mind.

House by a Lake Belgium

In this case the setting at the lake is so special and the size of the house takes the maximum allowed on the terrain that it had to look light. A white cube with a lot of glass to enjoy the views to the lake and closed to the street to allow privacy. White in a green scenery requires a material that is relatively maintenance free.

We wanted to have the roof edges as invisible as possible. These requirements led us to solid surface materials. Of all the solid surface panels Corian could provide us the largest ones (up till 3 m high).

As the house is situated near a lake the facade facing the lake is one large window to take in the stunning view.

House by a Lake Belgium

All living and sleeping quarters look out over the garden and the lake. A central void connects the groundfloor with the first floor and links the cozy, raised up sitting area with the kitchen and eating area.

House by a Lake Belgium

The large open fire place between the void and eating area aids in creating different zones while maintaining one flowing living area. The fully glazed facade is a giant mirror that reflects the seasons, the movement of the trees, the lake and the sky.

House by a Lake Belgium

The podiums, galleries and double-height voids create dynamic, interconnected volumes and spaces. The split levels connect all functions in the house with the same purpose wether it is living-sitting-dining-working for the main void or swimming-fitness-gaming for the split levels to the basement area.

House by a Lake Belgium

On the first floor the landing opens up towards the void; seated at the balustrade that is worked out as a desk one can enjoy a stunning view of the lake.

House by a Lake Belgium

Through the use of an acoustic plaster on the ceilings it is possible to reach the highest level of comfort while enjoying the size and openness of the living area with its abundance of natural light.

House by a Lake Belgium

Inside we used the same pure and minimalistic approach. The white walls absorb and reflect the natural light that penetrates through the front facade.

Photographs: Wim Van Eesbeeck

House by a Lake in Belgium images / information from BBSC-Architects

Location: Belgium, western Europe

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