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Bruges Buildings: Belgium Hotels

Belgian Hotel Building Renovation & New Build – Accommodation design by BURO II Architects

5 Mar 2010

Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges

Design: BURO II, Architects

A new treasure for Bruges

With its central location and rich history, this site is of major importance to the World Heritage City of Bruges. Tourism is an important engine of the local economy. The conversion of this building into a hotel with conference facilities will finally, after many years, remove an eyesore from the Hoogstraat. The project consists of two parts: the renovation of the three historic buildings on the Hoogstraat and a new development on the Groene Rei.

Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges Buildings Bruges Hotel Building Bruges Hotel Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges Buildings

The modern development replaces a property of little value built in the 20th century. The new addition to the cityscape of Bruges is conceived as a bronze treasure chest set with gems. The architectural form of a box with a chamfered roof can also be found in the Bruges Belfort (which houses a treasury as well as the town accounts).

Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges Bruges Hotel Building Bruges Hotel Accommodation Grand Hotel Casselbergh Accommodation

The new hotel development comprises 118 hotel rooms and 9 seminar rooms and provides underground parking for 38 cars.

Bruges Hotel Belgium image / information from BURO II

Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges Bruges Hotel Building

Groene Rei – Hotel Grand Casselbergh Brugge – Building Information

Description: Restoration and conversion of an existing front building into a hotel and part of a newly built hotel in Bruges

Client: Project Planning Degroote nv, Ostend

Location: Hoogstraat 6-8, 8000 Brugge

Hotel Grand Casselbergh Brugge Hotel Grand Casselbergh Brugge

Architect: BURO II, Roeselare
Interieurarchitect: BURO Interior, Roeselare. Layoutstudie restauratiegedeelte en nieuwbouw
Interieurarchitect: Frederic Declercq. Restauratie gedeelte en inrichting nieuwbouw

Pepin Reliquary + View in the centre of Bruges:
Pepin Reliquary Bruges Building

Terreinoppervlakte: 2.281 m²
Grondinname: 1.836 m²
Bruto oppervlakte: 10.207 m²
Coördinatie: BURO II
Projectstatus: opgeleverd februari 2010
Fotografie: Kris Vandamme

Grand Hotel Casselbergh Brugge image / information from BURO II

Location: Bruges, Belgium, northern Europe

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