Solar Tower Catalonia, Sabadell Project

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Solar Tower Sabadell

Modern Catalan Architecture design by AAIMM architecture, Spain

31 Oct 2012

Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain

Design: AAIMM architecture

Solar Tower in Catalunya

Sabadell will be studied during the Bauhaus Solar International Congress 2012 in the city of Erfurt, Germany, thanks to the work done by the young architects Alejandro Ribas Mercau (citizen of Sabadell), Angel Cerezo Cerezo and Martin Negri Rodriguez proposed infrastructure medium-scale, self-sufficient and productive to promote energy production from renewables, enhance mobility through electric bicycles and electric cars, generate productive urban gardens gardens for elderly or temporarily unemployed: solar towers.

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The conference will take place between 12 and 15 November this year in the German city of Erfurt, and will feature presentations on energy production from renewables, advances in the theory and its future by leading representatives of the factories of these technologies and researchers of this technology, with a quote from renowned for renewable energy and new strategies. During the congress, also present the ten finalists for the prize Solar Bauhaus Award 2012, which is nominated for the draft solar towers located in Sabadell.

The project evaluates the evolution of the energy landscape over the centuries and proposes, after an analysis of the city and a detailed study of consumption, sunlight and production possibilities, a small building to produce electricity, food and heat. The electricity produced by high-efficiency photovoltaic panels will be used to provide housing, shops and a charging station for electric bicycles and electric cars to promote healthy and clean mobility.

Each tower has four plants to generate small urban gardens in trays to generate a high and productive landscape for retirees, unemployed, youth, schools and other associations. From these small urban gardens can be generated markets.

Solar Tower Project Solar Tower Project Spain Solar Tower Solar Tower
images from AAIMM architecture

In total, the project plans to place 24 per entire city of Sabadell, mainly on roundabouts, pedestrian areas and major service areas, promoting equitable access to energy and urban gardens and encouraging energy development in the city. This implementation could produce electricity exclusively to supply the annual consumption of 400 households. The first of the planned towers is housed on the roundabout is at the intersection of Three Creus and the Gran Via.

Mercau Alejandro Ribas, Alejandro Ribas Mercau, Angel Cerezo Cerezo and Martin Negri Rodriguez are architects, young graduates from the School of Valles, UPC, and formed the group AAIMM architecture, sustainability experts and efficient architecture.

Solar Tower Sabadell images / information from AAIMM architecture

Location: Sabadell, near Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, southwestern Europe

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