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3 Top attractions and tours in Hua Hin

3 Top attractions and tours in Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin is absolute peace in the midst of ocean roars. The place used to be popular for its Klaikangwon Palace. The place holds many scenic national parks and peaceful beaches. If you are hitting to Bangkok, do visit this place as it is very close and worth a visit. The place has great historical significance. When you are visiting Hua Hin, there is more than beaches and sun basks to this place. As it has great historical importance, do not miss on palaces and cultural activities. Although tourists mostly love water advent, cultural beauty is equally amazing and thrilling. Here’s the list of Top attractions and tours in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Beach

The place has invited so many tourists for its silent and peaceful beach. The sun here is a little less bright. You can sleep over beaches, literally. Laying down in the sand and basking in a sun has a whole new experience. Bangkok to Hua Hin is only 2 hours journey.

Hua Hin’s beach is around four kilometers wide. The beach is ideal for swimming, offers plenty much to things for families and friends to indulge in. It is a great place kite for dancing and banana rides and is always ready for sunbeds and shade. Beach vendors selling drinks, local souvenirs and handicrafts are often found nearby without any real hardships. Moreover, the place is not so far from the famous destination – Bangkok. Many tourists do prefer traveling from Bangkok to Hua Hin directly, before heading to other destinations in Thailand. One of the key airports for arriving in Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand - 3 Top attractions and tours in Hua Hin, Bangkok
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Santorini Park

Close to the city of Cha-Am is Santorini Park. The Park is a themed one that attracts shopaholics and children. The themed park has beautifully carved the picture of oceans and islands in itself.

The place is occupied with cafes, shops, and stores. You can shop here in the themed park.  Children and even adults can spend their time here in an outdoor amusement park. The amusement park offers Ferris wheel, a carousel, exciting and giant rides for both kids and adults. This is the reason why people actually gather here. Rows of clear shiny white buildings are lined up in the stone-paved streets.

Pranburi Forest Park

Pranburi Forest Park has the largest mangrove forest in Thailand. It lies twenty kilometers from Hua Hin, which can be reached by car or song taxis are open to many passengers. However, only a few tourists and travelers really know about this forest park. Hence, there are thick chances that you can enjoy the park ride in solitude.

The most important scenes here to explore are – the park has two wooden sidewalks that run through thick mangrove bushes, on the Pranburi River, and in the sea – on their way they offer a view of wildlife and even a small fishing village. When you finish walking on the wooden path, go to the pine beach in the park, just a few meters away from the hotel. There will be a beach only or you. This will be the perfect destination if you are seeking to enjoy natural beauty with a minimal rush and no chaos.

Bottom Line

There are many places to go to, from Hua Hin. The mentioned-above were the top 3 places to visit depending on your preferences. In case you are an introvert, loving to spend time all by alone, the forest park would be second to none for you. However, with friends and family, you got to visit the themed park for shopping and indulging in other gaming activities. Beaches are always welcoming for all kinds of people and groups.

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