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A’ Design Awards 2014 Winners

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A’ Design Awards 2014

A’ Design Award & Competition (designaward.com), the worlds’ largest and most diffused international design awards announced results of the 2013 – 2014 design competition: 761 Winners from 78 countries in 75 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry.

Rising Moon by Daydreamers Design
Rising Moon building
photo : TAM Raymond

Design enthusiasts, aficionados and editors worldwide are cordially invited to get fresh design inspiration and discover latest trends in arts, architecture and technology by visiting the A’ Design Awards’ online gallery of winners at http://www.designmag.org which features all top designs from the 2013 – 2014 International A’ Design Competition as well as previously awarded works from past years. Editors and design lovers will also enjoy the interviews with the award-winning designers at http://www.design-interviews.com

Ajando Next Level CRM by Peter Stasek Architect & Loftwerk
Ajando Next Level CRM
photo : Peter Stasek Architect & Loftwerk, 2013

A’ Design Competition results are announced every year on April 15. Best products, projects and services worldwide that demonstrate superior design, technology and creativity are rewarded with the A’ Design Award; the symbol of excellence in design and innovation. There are five different levels of distinction: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron A’ Design Awards are distributed annually in all design disciplines. Designers, companies and institutions from all countries are annually called to take part in the accolades by nominating their best works, projects and products for award consideration.

Times Bund Clubhouse by Kris Lin
Times Bund Clubhouse
photo : Kris Lin, 2013

The A’ Design Awards are given for Good Spatial Design (Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Landscape Design), Good Industrial Design (Product Design, Appliance Design, Vehicle Design and Machinery Design), Good Communication Design (Graphics Design, Interaction Design and Marketing Design), Good Fashion Design (Garment Design, Fashion Accessory Design and Footwear Design), Good System Design (Service Design, Design Strategy, Quality & Innovation) as well as for Achievements in Arts & Literature.

The Ring House & Atelier by MZ Architects
The Ring House & Atelier
photo : MZ Architects, The Ring House, 2013

Laureates are invited to attend the glamorous gala-night and award ceremony in Italy where they would be called to stage to collect their trophies, award certificates and yearbooks. Winner are also provided exclusive space to take part in the “best designs of the year” exhibition to showcase their works in Italy. Laureates are also entitled to receive the “A’ Design Prize”.

Randen Arashiyama Station by GLAMOROUS co.
Randen Arashiyama Station
photo : SEIRYO YAMADA, Randen Arashiyama Station, 2013

The A’ Design Prize is a highly coveted and comprehensive winners’ kit given to A’ Design Award & Competition medalists to help dissemination of their news to further and wider international audiences. In addition to the trophy, certificate and book, the A’ Design Prize includes PR and marketing services such as translation of award-winning works to dozens of languages, press release preparation and distribution, lifetime license to use “award winner” logo, public relations campaign for winners and communication of awarded works to thousands of media members.

Malopolska Garden of Arts (MGA) by Ingarden & Ewý Architects
Malopolska Garden of Arts Building
photo : Marcin Czechowicz / MURATOR ©

While the 2013 – 2014 Edition is over, entries to the 2014 – 2015 competition is now open; interested designers, artists, architects and companies could register and submit their works at http://www.adesignaward.com where further information regarding the design competition such as evaluation criteria, key dates, list of jury members, entry forms and presentation guidelines could be obtained.

Center 66 by Aedas
Center 66 by Aedas
photo : Aedas

About A’ Design Award & Competition
A’ Design Awards were established to create awareness for good design practices and principles. The ultimate aim of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to build strong incentives for designers, companies and brands from all countries to come up with better products, services and systems that benefit mankind. A’ Design Award & Competition therefore highlights and pushes forward worldwide designers and brands to create products and projects that offer additional value, increased utility, new functionality, superior aesthetics, exceptional efficiency, improved sustainability and remarkable performance.

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