Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St. Polten, Lower Austrian Building

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich, Sankt Pölten

Building in Lower Austria – design by Rüdiger Lainer + Partner, architects

13 Apr 2011

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich

Architects: Rüdiger Lainer + Partner

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St. Polten

At first glance the long building with its flatly folded facade looks unlike an office block. It lacks the usual glass facade and double glazed skin. Located south of the centre of this provincial capital, it is distinguished from surrounding housing by its large and lively form. Here and there loggia-like volumes are cut out of its massive volume.

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St. Polten building
photo : Gert Walden

In sculptural terms they reduce the severity of the large structure, while functionally they serve as small outdoor spaces where people can take a break. The external windows appear to be irregularly positioned but the apparently arbitrary layout follows exact geometric rules and corresponds with the office partition walls.

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St. Polten
photo : Gert Walden

This deliberately accidental quality prevents subdivision of the fayade, making it seem more like a single flat surface, and strengthens the impression of a large, unified form. The entrance hall penetrates the ground floor at an acute angle, leading to a two-storey front hall spanned by a bridge, followed by the imposing six-storey, glass-roofed courtyard.

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich Wirtschaftskammer St. Polten Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St Pölten Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St Polten
photos : Gert Walden

The offices are arranged along the fayades. Three wings extend from the rump of the building like the arms of a “Y”. Their central zones widen out into a wedge shape containing archives and service spaces. The tall internal courtyard with its irregular outline develops an autonomous power at the centre of the building.

The access galleries to the offices are arranged around it. The corridors are interrupted by the internally glazed loggias or expand at certain places. There is a small hall at the end of each wing of the building. The diversity and differentiation of the common areas illustrates a delight in space, and offers those working in the building considerable flexibility in use.

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich Wirtschaftskammer St. Polten Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St Pölten Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich St Polten
photos : Gert Walden

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich Österreich – Building Information

Location: Sankt Pölten (St. Polten)
Architects: Rüdiger Lainer + Partner – Rüdiger Lainer, Oliver Sterl, Vienna
Client: Regional Economic Chamber of lower Austria, St. Polten
Competition: May 2002
Start of planning: Dec 2002
Start of construction: Nov 2003
Completion: Jan 2006
Site area: 38.000 sqm
Built-up area: 9.000 sqm
Gross floor area: 15.000 sqm
Net floor area: 13.500 sqm
Floor area: 9.000 sqm
Cubage: 55.000 cum

Photographs: Gert Walden

Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich images / information from Rüdiger Lainer + Partner

Rüdiger Lainer + Partner

Location: Sankt Pölten, Austria

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