Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn, Austria, Austrian Property Design, Contemporary Building Images

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn

Home and School for Young People in Austria design by franz architects

27 Jan 2015

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn, Austria

Design: franz

Location: Hollabrunn, Austria

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn Design

The area of the regional home for young people in Hollabrunn consists of a long established ensemble of office building, school, chapel, outbuilding and apprenticeship workshop (hairdresser, laundry, training kitchen, restaurant, nursery).

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn

Extension/new construction
The placement of the new building structure results in the zoning of outdoor facilities – a recreational area in the existing park in the south, and a farming area with vegetable gardens in the north. The meander-shaped ground plan interlocks the building with its surroundings and creates sheltered courtyards and terraces on two levels.

The sequential layout of functional areas on the ground floor follows their respective requirements of openness or privacy; at the building’s head the dining hall with an adjacent kitchen area, in the calmer rear part a special living community. The three general living communities are situated on the upper floor, their disposition is visible on the outside.

In collaboration with the federal historic preservation agency, archaeological excavations were undertaken for about a month during general excavation work. the findings were scientifically examined and documented.

Restoration and remodelling of the main building
In the existing main building from the 19th century, the office area on the ground floor was enlarged and restructured, and two living community areas on the upper floor were adapted to present-day requirements. The segmented façades were preserved in accordance with the hollabrunn building authorities, the aluminium windows from the 1970s were replaced with wood-aluminium windows while taking over the historical window structure.

No Landesjugendheim

Remodelling of the chapel
The fair-faced concrete chapel built in the 1960s was retained. the basement floor was converted into a versatile function room.

No Landesjugendheim

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn – Building Information

Project name: nö landesjugendheim
Architect: franz
City/country: hollabrunn, lower austria, austria
Completion of new construction: 2013
Completion of restoration: 2014

No Landesjugendheim

Nö Landesjugendheim in Hollabrunn images / information from franz

Location: Hollabrunn, Lower Austria, central Europe

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