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Graz Local Transport Hub

Austrian Public Building design by Zechner & Zechner Architects

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Design: Zechner & Zechner

Location: Graz, Austria

Zechner & Zechner Architects win international TRANSPORTATION SPACE DESIGN AWARD 2016 with the redevelopment of Graz Main Station

Graz Local Transport Point
image : Foto

12 Dec 2016 + 28 May 2014

Graz Local Transport Hub Building

The international prize will be awarded – based on China’s leading architectural website and several universities – for outstanding and innovative projects in various sectors. Zechner & Zechner were able to convince the jury with their recently completed project of the redevelopment of Graz’s main station in the category of “Transportation Space Design”.

Graz Local Transport Point

After the “World Infrastructure” award in 2014 for the local transportation hub Europaplatz, which originates from the office of Zechner & Zechner as well, the appreciation for Graz Main Station approves the high quality of the office in the field of transport architecture.

Graz Local Transport Point
image : Foto

The project of the railway station was commissioned by ÖBB as part of the expansion of the Koralmbahn and included several components. The prize has now been awarded for the new platform shelters, the “wave” and the design of the new pedestrian tunnel.

In addition to Zechner & Zechner architects, the Graz offices Rinderer & Partner (traffic planning, structural reinforced concrete) and Kratzer (structural steel construction) were also involved in the implementation of the “wave”. The artist Peter Kogler was involved in the project of the pedestrian tunnel.
Award presentation in Shenzen, 6th of December 2016

The award presentation took place on 6th of December in Shenzen, China on occasion of the “Idea-Tops International Design Forum”.

Graz Local Transport Point
image : Foto

The New Roof at Graz Station – the “Wave”
Initially, there was the formal desire for a large-area roofing with as few supports as possible. For static reasons, an arcuate beam was appropriate, which – like a bridge – ensured large spans. In the outer platform areas, the roof construction transitions into tongue-shaped single-track platform roofs. A whole structure is thus formed, which resembles a wave flowing out quietly towards its edges. The image of “wave” as a symbol of movement underscores the dynamics of the means of rail services.

150 Meters of Art
In the north of the station site a new pedestrian tunnel was constructed. The new passage provides access to all platforms, but also provides a connection to the area of the city on the other side of the tracks. The impression of length of the tunnel is reduced by creating width, good artificial lighting, and, most importantly, by installing a 150m long artwork by Peter Kogler, in the form of glass cladding with large printed areas, making the passage a special exhibition space.

Architects Zechner & Zechner Receive the World Infrastructure Award 2014 for the Graz Local Transport Hub.

This international prize is awarded for outstanding and innovative projects in infrastructure and has this year been won by an Austrian project. The decision was announced as part of ‘Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Forum’ in London.

Graz Local Transport Hub
image : Helmut Pierer, Graz

The jury awarded first prize in the transport category to the Europaplatz Local Transport Hub at Graz Main Station, recognising the high quality of the design of the new tram station, its integration into an urban context and the connection of various different means of transport – tram, bus and rail. The project also represents an important approach to creating an increased acceptance of public transport and to reducing CO2 emissions.

Graz Local Transport Hub
image : Thilo Hardtlein, Munchen

The local transport hub at Graz Main Station, developed by Vienna architects Zechner & Zechner, with transport planning by IKK ZTGGmbH and structural engineering by Schimetta and by Zenkner, won out against projects that included the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco and the International Cruise Terminal in Shanghai. The clients, Holding Graz Linien and the City of Graz, required a redesign of the Europaplatz transport hub to adapt it to increased passenger numbers at the main station. Moving the tram lines underground created a more attractive plaza and allowed for an increase in numbers of people using the site.

Graz Local Transport Hub
image : Helmut Pierer, Graz

The stop is open to the sky above the lines, with covered waiting areas. This allows natural light to illuminate the platforms and provides ventilation and an uninterrupted view to the exterior. The angled and structured surface makes the station seem to have been ‘cut’ from the ground, with these cuts extending onto the surface of the plaza. The most significant element of the redesign is the covering of the plaza – an oval, ringshaped disk that provides a ring of shelter to the station concourse and bus stops.

Graz Local Transport Hub
image : Helmut Pierer, Graz

It is called ‘Golden Eye’ by the people of Graz. The pavement and the movements of the passers‐by are reflected on the underside of the roof, like a film that has been turned on its head. The station’s stripe pattern extends over the paving at plaza level, and shades into differently designed green zones, by landscape architects 3zu0.

Graz Local Transport Hub
image : Raphael Friedlmayer, Wien

The redesign of the plaza at Graz Main Station is already creating a positive visual impact and is acting as a trigger for the further development of the area.

Graz Local Transport Hub images / information authorised by Zechner & Zechner

Graz Local Transport Hub architect : Zechner & Zechner

Location: Graz, Austria, central Europe

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