Glenroy Specialist School, Victoria Building

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Glenroy Specialist School Australia : Architecture

Victoria Education Development design by Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects (gm+ad)

12 May 2009

Design: Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects

Victoria Education Building

Glenroy Specialist School, Victoria Building

Glenroy Specialist School

“gm+ad have brought a deep commitment to ensuring that development strategies, design elements and materials used contribute to maximising the educational opportunities of the students. We believe them to be integral to us achieving the best facilities for our students.”…Glenroy Specialist School.

Glenroy Specialist School is the largest School in Australia catering specifically for students with multiple physical and sensory disabilities. The State of Victoria, supported by the Federal Government of Australia has announced that it will commit $A15,000,000 to develop a new state-of-the-art purpose built facility for the school. This is the single biggest award ever for a specialist school.

Glenroy Specialist School Glenroy School

The facility will be contained in one large building including 26 classrooms, each with direct access to personal care facilities and separated into junior, middle and senior subschools.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy spaces, specialist medical support areas, Library, Art, Music, IT, Multi-sensory and Multi-purpose centres are also provided. Circulation space will be utilised for mobility training, bike riding, shared learning and accessible equipment storage. Staff facilities will include office space, workrooms, relaxation area, and a professional learning centre. The school will also feature a transport hub for the 18 buses that transport students to and from the school each day.

Murray and Dunlop Architects, Glasgow have an ongoing consultancy role supporting the Principal, the school community and the nominated architects in the identification of community needs, selection of a site and maximising the potential for development of the brief for the school based on the extensive research that was done in the development of the Hazelwood school.

Specialist School Australia design : gm+ad architects

Address: 208 Hilton St, Glenroy VIC 3046, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9304 2263

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