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Cocobrew Express Drive Thru in Yeppoon, Qld

26 February 2024

Architects: Design+Architecture

Location: Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Queensland

Photos by Cam Murchison

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru, Australia

Cocobrew Express is situated on the outskirts of Yeppoon, Queensland. The project seeks to subvert the traditional Drive Thru typology whilst enhancing amenity for motorists and pedestrians alike. The Drive Thru is a familiar building typology in Central Queensland.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Queensland

An underwhelming building that would otherwise be missed by passing commuters is forced to display its whereabouts with a pylon sign, separated from the building itself. This solution is not only inefficient but also contributes to the visual clutter found along our streets.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Qld

The question that Cocobrew Express thus sets forth is: how can the building itself become the pylon sign? Despite its compact 72m2 footprint, the building utilises a dynamic pitching roof form to reach over 9m in the air, easily visible and enticing motorists from nearby Yeppoon Road, the main road connecting Yeppoon and Rockhampton.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Qld

A key challenge from the outset was to ensure that the vehicular circulation on site was a joy to navigate for commuters, whilst still being efficient. This is executed by creating clear entry and exit points to aid in wayfinding, and ensuring the turning circles of the driveway allow for hassle-free manoeuvring.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Queensland

Furthermore, Cocobrew Express facilitates human interaction and streamlines the ordering experience, by providing one window to order and pay, and one to pick up. This simple solution removes the need to order through an intercom and provides the opportunity for regulars to get to know staff, and staff to in turn learn ‘the usual’ of their customers. This ultimately enhances the sense of community in an already connected regional town.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Qld

Traditional coffee shops are often associated with a vibrant pedestrian atmosphere, where people, food and pets spill out into the street creating a rich public realm. The challenge facing this project is how a Drive Thru can create such an experience. By clueing in to the immediate context, the design team recognised the hospital and retail outlets surrounding the site. Seeing this as a unique opportunity to provide amenity for visitors and staff of the nearby hospital and shops, a dedicated pedestrian window is provided with public seating. This double-height space is delicately shaded by a high screen and impresses on the pedestrian the scale of the building, while echoing the experience of ordering a from a traditional café.

Overall, Cocobrew Express is a unique contribution to architecture in Central Queensland. It simultaneously provides a solution to the uninspiring Drive Thru typology, whilst promoting human connection and a sense of community.

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Qld

Cocobrew Express in Queensland, Australia – Building Information

Architects: Design+Architecture –

Project size 72 sqm
Site size 0 sqm
Completion date 2023
Building levels 1

Cocobrew Express Drive Thru Yeppoon Queensland

Photographs: Cam Murchison

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Location: Yeppoon, Queensland, north east Australia

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