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Why may you want to soft wash your home?

10 Oct 2019

Dirty and mold-infested exteriors can harm the curb appeal of your home and put the health of your family members at risk too. Before such problems occur, you must keep your house clean. Since cleaning exteriors is not an easy job, you may want to hire a reliable pressure washing company. Nowadays, almost every company recommends soft washing techniques for homes. They will try to convince you why it is safer than power cleaning and how it can give you a spotless house without using pressure. You may want to believe them. But, before you say yes, you should know what this process is all about. If you have proper knowledge, nobody can deceive you.

Soft washing Vs. power washing

Whether pressure or soft washing system it is, there are some standard practices. These methods use a pump and a hose to spray water on the surface of the house to dislodge dirt, grime, stains, mold, and other such elements. The tubes also help apply the cleaning solutions.

However, the difference appears when it comes to applying the force. In power washing, the pressure with which water runs from the pipe to the surface tends to be harder. It is particularly useful on tough surfaces like concrete driveways. The use of chemicals is also not very high. Although pressure cleaning is safe, a lot of the results depend on the proper use of the equipment. There will be no damage if the correct pressure goes on to the surface.

Soft washing, on the other hand, refers to the process of applying water with minimum pressure. It can need more water and chemicals or cleaning solutions compared to pressure washing. For example, in some cases of pressure washing, you don’t even need a cleaning solution. Just the force of water can eliminate dirt and dust. But in a soft washing method, you need both a cleaning solution and water. It may seem like a challenge. But the benefit of soft washing is the lower risk of damage. When you soft wash, you don’t have to worry about brittle substrates that can easily give in to the pressure.

Benefits of soft washing

There are multiple advantages of using soft washing techniques on your home for a clean look.

  • It works as an excellent substitute for pressure washing, particularly on aged or decomposed materials.
  • It can treat the infestation at a deeper level compared to power washing, which works on the outer portion of the biomass and doesn’t remove the problem from its roots.
  • As hinted earlier, the chances of damage due to improper application of pressure is very less here.

Since keeping your home clean and safe is your priority, you can consult a reliable agency for suggestions. People believe that soft washing tends to be four to six times more effective than power washing. Hence, you get to save both time and money. If you want to see your house in its best health all the time, consider this option once. After all, it can help boost or maintain its resale value even after many years of use.

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