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Why Everyone is Getting on The Anonymity Train

23 February 2022

Why everyone is getting on the anonymity train
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It would be a great idea for you to find out how to be anonymous online. In fact, this isn’t just a great idea for you but one for all of your family and friends to consider. But, what does being anonymous online mean exactly, and why would you or someone you cherish want to be anonymous anyway?

A World Where You Have to be Anonymous

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the world has changed. A lot, exponentially in fact in the last decade. Not only is this applicable in terms of how much tension there is and the fact that dangerous geopolitical scenarios might be threatening a third World War, but also in the sense that, in general, the majority of people value security and privacy while online more than ever.

Some call the times we are living in an interconnected age where we are standing at the precipice of unprecedented, positive changes while others look at the current ‘weltgeist’ as an incoming era of meaninglessness, despair, and dystopia. Whatever the case may be, you need the ‘anonymity shot’ in your life.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Three things are certain though as far as us technology and internet users are concerned. First of all, we now heavily rely on the internet and are in the process of firmly placing our most sensitive information as well as our most critical, fragile, and vulnerable existential mechanisms and structures online. Secondly, what is certain is that the ‘digital transformation’ is in full effect, which has its own set of consequences for us.

Third, we have every reason to protect our cybersecurity and online privacy at the moment due to factors such as sophisticated global cybercrime and the dawn of surveillance and massive data collection being placed upon all of us citizens.

Yes, this may make a lot of sense to you, perhaps it is blatantly obvious and you are wondering what this has to do with ‘getting on the anonymity train.’ Well, all of the factors listed above have a ton to do with getting your anonymity into high gear.

As we said above, it is now important for your safety that you have a basic understanding, at the very least, of securing your devices and maintaining your God-given right to data privacy. How does one do this? The answer is: by being anonymous.

Now that we’ve come full circle to the question at hand, how exactly does one become anonymous? In fact, there are several ways to do this, which most people nowadays would overlook or cast aside.

A Browser, VPN, and Some Common Sense go a Long Way

Being anonymous would mean using a VPN connection, a privacy-conscious browser, and using internet best practices to your advantage to protect your security, your devices’ security as well as steering away prying eyes to maintain your all-important data privacy.

It’s no rocket science to be anonymous, in contrast to back in the day, thanks to the benefits of modern technology and the fact that there are entire industries out there concentrated on getting you aboard the anonymity train.

Next, we will cover all of the most important ways you can anonymize yourself in-depth in the sections below by covering anonymous browsers, VPNs, and most important of all internet best practices, all of which in combination will ensure a vastly improved level of anonymity to what you have now (if you are anonymous at all, to begin with.)

What is an Anonymous Browser?

An anonymous browser is an alternative browser to that which comes pre-installed on your computer systems or device. It is a specialized browser that takes your security and privacy into account, built around these factors.

An anonymous browser is coded to include features such as anti-fingerprinting, clearing of history, cookie blocking, and other features that can usually be adjusted from ‘strict’ to ‘low’ depending on user preferences. Brave browser is one of these browsers, for example, although more are surely on the way.

Most default browsers such as Microsoft’s and Google’s offerings are now starting to include features that have been introduced by competition like Brave. However, most people prefer and trust smaller companies like Brave to large corporations.

You would do well by grabbing a copy of a browser such as Brave and routing all of your default browsing through it, as your ticket to enter the anonymity train.

One point for anonymity out of five added to your total.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is your VIP ticket on the anonymity train. A for Anonymity? That’s a VPN. You cannot really call yourself anonymous without one.

A Virtual Private Network (the long, technical name) is an extremely popular cybersecurity software that reroutes your entire network connection and encrypts it, also virtually placing you in a country that you desire.

When you use a premium VPN software, nobody can trace you or intercept your connection, or pick up on breadcrumbs you would otherwise leave online (unless you are an international criminal or terrorist, but we won’t consider that option.)

With a VPN in tow, your internet traffic would look like gibberish and therefore useless to your ISP, hackers, the government surveilling you, and organizations or websites trying to profile you via data collection.

Now, you’ve added two more points to your anonymity giving you three out of five.

What are Internet Best Practices?

Finally, the all-important and blatantly obvious ‘common sense.’ What does this mean? This equates to being careful online and not making silly mistakes or assumptions about the internet.

Most commonly, you will want to improve your password hygiene which means longer passwords, more random passwords and never reusing these passwords across accounts or sharing them over (Heaven forbid) social media. This also means using strong passwords on your all-important internet router and anywhere else. You might also want to activate MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication where you can.

Next, you must understand phishing scams and just how primitive and yet incredibly successful they are at stealing your credentials (among the top two factors in global cybercrime.) This means walking on eggshells where suspicious emails are considered, checking emails are sent to you three times, and never downloading attachments or clicking on emails you are not certain about.

Apple boasts of strong malware resistance, but your iOS support does little to protect you. That’s why you need to know about the best vpn for iphone that will hide your IP address.

Finally, you should always steer clear of shady websites and dubious material that you would otherwise browse or download. At least, use a VPN and a privacy browser if you want to do so. But, definitely do not touch illegal material or venture onto the dark areas of the dark web via Tor.


Combining these three anonymity techniques, you are now a fully-fledged five out of five anonymity ninja and have joined millions of others in the quest for improved online security and privacy.

All aboard the anonymity train! Last call!

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