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1 Mar 2018

What comes after architecture? Ideal interior design!

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand, like fish and chips, London and jellied eels, and (until recently) Ant and Dec.

That’s right, budding architects. You’ll forever have to live with the knowledge that, no matter how much work you put into the exterior and structural integrity of the building you’ve made, most people will forever be far more impressed by the throw cushions you’ve scattered across your settees.

In many ways, this is because the feats achieved by architects are difficult for the average person to wrap their head around. Unlike a nicely designed cushion, architects utilise mathematics, a vast knowledge of building materials, an eye for practical design, and the ability to communicate their ideas to a large crew of builders.

It’s undeniably impressive. But once that building is complete, interior design decisions will have to be made, especially if you’re operating a bustling office. Here are just a few.


If you’re running a business, then a welcome mat is a must. And not only because of the number of feet that’ll be traipsing in and out of your premises.

A welcome mat, if designed effectively, can be the beating heart of your business, encapsulating its personality and brand values with one striking image.

Just imagine – your brand colours, logo and ethos in one sturdy, industrial strength piece of fabric. You’ll be living the dream.

There are plenty of mat providers on the market, but Kleen-Tex are our personal favourites, offering designs which would look great when placed outside some snazzy corporate sliding doors.

Corporate Art

There’s a big difference between the art you’ll find in a gallery and the daubing you’ll see in a corporate environment. Corporate art plays it safe for a reason, but the best of its kind pushes boundaries while still satisfying aesthetic homogeneity.

If you have an eagle eye for design, you’ll be able to track down artwork that looks the part but can still please culture vultures everywhere.

Companies like Ambius have been valuable providers of corporate art for many years, and are well worth a look.


Finding the perfect desk for your office is a challenge every designer faces, but figuring out how to place them can make or break a member of staff’s morale.

Open plan or closed-in cubicles? The sheer number of articles dedicated to this seemingly question shows that there is no easy answer here, so the decision is up to you, but the ideal answer might be the Eudaimonia Machine — based on the Aristotelian philosophy of ‘doing and living well’, it contains a series of spaces designed for focused and collaborative work, as well as socialising.

In many ways, your choices should reflect the layout of the building and complement the structure laid out by the architect which has come before you.

That’s our list! What interior design decisions float your boat? Let us know in the comments below!

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