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How Welcome Bonuses became Game-Changer for Casinos

Sep 22, 2020

Welcome bonuses are game-changer for casinos
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Users of online casinos are familiar with welcome bonuses. Sign-up, deposit money, and spend your free wagering amount – it’s that simple! However, most people haven’t stopped to wonder why casinos hand out free money. As the saying goes, the house always wins, and it does when it offers bonuses of all kinds to its customers.

The Gambling Commission in the UK estimates that remote casinos have a gross gambling yield of £3.2 billion per year, and much of the profit is down to welcome offers. Here are four of the reasons why.

How Welcome Bonuses Have Been a Game-Changer for Casinos

It’s worth a spin

For the most part, non-gamblers don’t bother with casinos, online or on land, because they aren’t motivated to win money. They expect to lose, which is why they steer clear. But welcome bonuses have changed a game as free spins and bets make it worth a punt for the most casual players.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with rolling the dice if somebody else is paying! Of course, it only takes a handful of people to experience the excitement to decide to remain as loyal customers. Although it looks like a gamble from the outside, it pays off in the long run.

They can compete with traditional casinos

Like any new business, online casinos needed to find a way to compete with their bigger and more established rivals. In the beginning, the chips were down because the likes of Las Vegas had the glitz and the glamour, as well as the freebies. Therefore, online organisations must provide the same, especially the latter. You can’t order a drink or grab a voucher for the buffet, but you can use a free bet token. Gamblers almost expect it, which is why it was a massive game-changer when it became commonplace online.

The options are endless

When you look at the games on offer, you realise how much they are forging their own lane in the industry. A Caxino Casino bonus doesn’t only relate to one thing – it can be anything from a free spin to a reload bonus or cashback. And, promotions are available on almost all the games, meaning players have an unrivalled amount of choice. By branching out, online casinos can advertise their diverse range of games to people who are bored with only playing poker or baccarat.

Bonuses equal brilliant marketing

According to Inc, one of the main rules of marketing is, don’t bang on about the little things. It’s more effective to promote a single feature that shoppers love or a selection of them.

Nobody gets this better than online casinos. Using welcome bonuses and free bets as advertising copy, they have appealed to people worldwide since it’s hard to think objectively when you see the chance of winning a £1 million. Bonuses are a mixture of style and substance that has helped the industry to grow to a value of hundreds of millions of pounds in the UK alone.

In the past, online casinos struggled to find their niche in the industry. However, welcome bonuses helped them to carve out a lane that nobody else could provide. This is because they have advertising appeal, add extra value, and encourage non-gamblers to give it a go.

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