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Ways to Make the Most of Mezzanines

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17 Jan 2017

Ways to Make the Most of Mezzanines Advice

Whether large or small, these half-height, hovering rooms are artfully designed to make the most of vertical space

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Joanna Simmons

Floating between the ground and the ceiling, a mezzanine level is a bonus slice of extra space. Although mezzanines can work in any style of home, they are typically found in either very big, open properties – where the mezzanine bisects a lofty roof space – or very small homes, where every inch counts and building a platform bags vital extra room.

They can be made for any purpose, from skinny bedrooms tucked up in the eaves to vast living rooms suspended in front of a wall of glazing, and these interesting hovering rooms are often at the cutting edge of clever design. So come with us as we climb the stairs to a whole new level.

East Village Studio
Photo by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture – Search contemporary bedroom design ideas

Create a bonus bedroom
By building up and away from floor level, mezzanines can conjure room space out of thin air! This compact bedroom in a New York studio is brilliantly designed to make use of every square inch. The steps, for example, are also drawers, providing vital storage and a route up to bed at the same time.

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Cabin in Fitch Bay, Quebec
Photo by Jean Longpré – Browse rustic bedroom ideas

Fit in a whole floor
The steeply pitched roof of this home has been filled with a mezzanine running down its central, highest part. A bedroom, built-in wardrobes and a bathroom at the far end have been designed and decorated in pure white to tie in with the white ceiling and help the space feel light.

Contemporary Rowhouse Renovation in Georgetown
Photo by Hunt Laudi Studio – Browse contemporary hallway and landing ideas

Construct a lovely library
Light, bright and elegant, this skinny slice of space has been made into a contemporary library. Natural light floods in through the enormous window, while the glass floor in the mezzanine allows more light to circulate and gives the space a floating feeling.

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Party Shack
Photo by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects – Browse contemporary family and games room ideas

Exploit a striking space
This modern house has a curved, sculptural roof as its key feature. A ramp leads upstairs and around a whole mezzanine system, containing an office on the side and culminating in a beautiful living space at the front, with fantastic views over the countryside beyond.

The Dairy
Photo by Rendall & Wright – Browse country living room photos

Get away from it all
Sometimes it’s nice to retreat to a quiet spot without completely shutting oneself away. The beautiful mezzanine living space in this converted dairy allows just that. It overlooks the open-plan living and kitchen space, but its height offers some privacy. The glazed sides keep the space looking light and unobtrusive and, of course, make it safe, too.

Go all out for glamour
Mezzanines aren’t always built into a lofty space – they can be created when the ceiling in an adjacent room is removed to create a double height area, which the bordering rooms then overlook.

Play/Guest House

Make it family friendly
This colourful open-plan home contains a fun mezzanine for children to play on. This helps the living space stay tidy, as toys and kit can remain out of sight on high, and allows children some privacy within the communal family area. The floor space below is then free to be converted into a small kitchen and bathroom. It’s a design that maximises space beautifully.

Michigan Barn
Photo by Northworks Architects and Planners – Look for country family and games room pictures

Build up in a barn
The rustic roof of this converted barn is one of its chief features. It is beautiful, but also incredibly high, and while planning consent might not have stretched to building a second floor in here, it has permitted the inclusion of a striking mezzanine. The mix of rustic original features and industrial style works brilliantly and brings a once dilapidated barn up to date.

Cook up a cool corridor
Not all mezzanines are rooms in their own right. You can simply have a corridor leading to the upstairs bedrooms, but being able to see it from below creates a sense of connectivity in the house and allows light to flood the space.

First floor living space, and study
Photo by Beccy Smart Photography – Search eclectic home office and library design ideas

Stay separate but together
Deep colours and built-in shelves make this office space on the first floor feel more intimate than the large, open-plan space below. The fact that it overlooks the ground floor creates a feeling of connectivity and flow, and it also benefits from the natural light coming in through the double height window beyond.

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