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How Architecture of Famous College Buildings Reflects University Brand

17 Mar 2020

Fusion Building Talbot Campus - Ways in Which Architecture Defines the University Brand
Bournemouth University image courtesy of architects practice

Brands have become a big part of our culture. We are surrounded by many different companies that influence our lives. Universities are brands as well: these are the places where a lot of young people spend their time, and in order for the university to be a place where people would like to come and stay, they have to create a big name and a brand. Learn more about the brand culture and how architecture impacts the colleges’ brands on this page.

Ways in Which Architecture Defines Famous College Brand

Often architecture of the university’s building as well as the landscape of the campus can tell more about the mission of the educational institution than any other thing. Let’s agree that architecture often  reflects the college brand as well as the idea behind it. Here are some of the most important factors that are impacted by the architecture of famous college buildings:

  • The history behind the institution. Architecture is not only about the way the college looks. It also shows what this place has been through and which heritage it left. A uniquely crafted story of the university can help students to create a bond between them and their alma mater.
  • Atmosphere. Students’ motivation to learn something new depends on the place where they study. The physical environment has a huge influence on the way students feel. If they don’t really enjoy these situations, they are more likely to forget about homework or delegate it to such professional writing services like WriteMyPaper4Me. But if the surrounding environment brings joy, young people will be motivated to study in such conditions, which says a lot about the college’s brand.
  • Quality of education. If the college actually offers a high level of quality and good conditions, it will be seen from its architecture. This factor plays a big role: a progressive university will make sure that all the aspects are taken care of, including the architecture of the campus.
  • Community. Social life is important for every student. This is why a successful project for campus can build a strong college community. Great architecture can motivate students to go out and participate in all kinds of activities, which has a positive influence on the community.
  • Culture. Architecture has always been a big part of culture. Different styles, approaches to art, interesting architectural designs show a lot about the culture of the university. Architecture has always represented the culture of any place where people lived and studied.

Sometimes, the architecture of the college buildings can become a reason why the students chose a particular university. The era of new technologies has changed many things over the past few years, and there is a big chance that many universities will not try to reach students with the help of social media.

Still, the architecture will have a lot of influence when it comes to culture and attracting new students: our first impressions are often based on the first thing we see, which is the university’s building and its design.

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Contemporary Architecture – architectural selection below:

Fusion Building, Bournemouth University, Fern Barrow, Poole
Design: BDP, architects
Fusion Building, Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University

Arts University Bournemouth Design Studios and Workshops, Wallisdown, Poole
AUB Design Studios and Workshops
photograph © Jim Stephenson
Arts University Bournemouth Design Studios and Workshops

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