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Vintage Rubber Stamps For Landscape Architecture Tips

20 Feb 2020

Stamps were once commonplace for landscape architecture, despite not being circulated or used as much today, there are still plenty available for such purposes. Vintage rubber stamps can bring about lots of joy and be practical too. Whether you’ve never heard of such stamps before, or you’re here to learn more about them, our guide below will cover everything that you need to know.

Vintage Architecture Rubber Stamps

What Are Stamps For Architecture?

These types of stamps were once a key technology for landscape architecture. They were used in drawings to map out where trees would go, or where they were already present.

Taking the form of a birds-eye view of the tree species, such stamps provide an accurate idea of where certain elements of the garden are. Landscape planners widely used rubber stamps when designing and they were considered stylistic and appropriate at the time.

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How Do I Use Architecture Stamps?

Like that of any other stamp, Architecture Stamps were used by pressing the stamp into ink and printing onto paper. Today, modern technology replaces this and gives a far more clean-cut drawing, though many users of such stamps became adept at transferring ink seamlessly.

Vintage Rubber Stamps For Landscape Architecture

Architecture stamps were used for a practical purpose in the past, though today they’re commonly appreciated for their aesthetic beauty. Stored in boxes, they give a new perspective to trees, and it’s easy to see the different species. If you get your hands on some of these stamps they can be used in a wide range of ways. If you’re a landscape architect yourself, you may want to practice creating design plans with the stamps. For other creatives, they can bring about a fun way to experiment with both paintings in watercolour and drawing.

Some people choose to use vintage stamps for other hobbies and crafts including card making. There is an abundance of ways to use these pretty stamps and display different tree species. Whatever way you choose to use architecture stamps there is a simplicity in retreating to old processes that makes use enjoyable!

Where Can I Buy Personalised Stamps?

As with all vintage items, it can be difficult to find a specific product. The best place to try and source such personalise stamps is likely to be online. Many selling platforms tend to see owners of vintage goods sell them personally. While you won’t find these types of stamps circulating any longer (it’d be rare), you may still find them in an antique store.

Vintage Rubber Stamps For Landscape Architecture

If you’re buying online, always be sure to check out the quality of the product beforehand to make sure you’ll receive what you expect. As with vintage items, it’s always great to ask a few questions including:

  • Is the item vintage or antique? There is a key difference between antique and vintage. Knowing the difference can help you identify whether it’s worth buying an item or not. The term vintage refers to something from an earlier generation whereas antique refers to something over 100 years old.
  • Is it in good condition? You should always strive to buy high-quality items only, like those that require restoration can end up burning a hole in your pocket. The only time that this is an exception is if you wish to improve the quality of a product yourself and sell it on.
  • Is it unique? Unique items are better if you’re hoping to sell the item that you buy on and make a profit. Keep this in mind and ask the seller as many questions as you can before buying. For example, with a set of stamps, there may be many out there but some may have unique accents setting them apart.
  • Is the price right? It can be hard to put a price tag on vintage items, but it’s relatively easy to spot when something could be overpriced. With a small item like that of a stamp set, you’ll want to carry out your research and compare pricing to make sure you’re not overpaying.

New Technology In Landscape Architecture Today

Today, landscape architects work predominantly with computer software to create architecture planning and renders of spaces that they are creating for clients. Various technologies are used across their work to best plan independent elements that form a complete design. This includes walkways, locations of buildings, roads, flowers and trees to name just a few.

Vintage Rubber Stamps For Landscape Architecture

Landscapes can be extremely tricky things to draw and because of this the process for an architect can be time-consuming. Though Architecture Stamps are no longer in use, many architects still begin with a drawing process to map out their plan before moving on to computer software.

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