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Top British Architecture Projects

4 Oct 2019

The Top British Architecture Projects

The United Kingdom yielded some of the world’s leading architects as well as being home to some of the world’s most notable architecture. Today we’re going to look at why this is and what projects we’ve seen come out of the shadows in the past year. British-born architects are renowned for being a lot more experimental and innovative than their European or American counterparts.

They’ve also adopted the practices of creating architecture that is both environmentally sustainable and low in carbon very early, becoming attractive to both investors and residents alike. Another reason why Britain raises so many world-class architects is down to education. Out of the top 10 universities in the world for the degree of architecture, the United Kingdom is home to three of these. These three universities are the Manchester School of Architecture, the University College in London and Cambridge University.

Other universities which are famed for their architecture courses include the University of Sheffield, which is recognised as one of the leading schools in the world, as well as the University of Bath, which combines both your studies and a professional experience in order to enable students to extract as much as they can from their studies. The University of Nottingham also deserves a notable mention due to the close relationship it has with both UK and international companies providing an excellent employment prospect for any students studying there.

Top British Architecture Projects kitchen worktop cupboards

Outstanding Architectural Projects

So, what innovative architecture projects have we seen emerge here in the UK in the past year? Well, one such design is by Amin Taha and is in 15 Clerkenwell Close in London. Despite being controversial, the design has been described as having a ‘winning aesthetic’ and ‘technical prowess’. It is made of raw chunks of limestone on the outside. However, unfortunately, the council of the borough of Islington have demanded that the building be demolished after unhappy neighbours say it breached terms of its planning permission.

Now moving up North to the Scottish city of Dundee for our next outstanding project of 2018. This is called V&A Dundee. Designed to represent the rugged cliffs of the Scottish coast, this innovative office design is made up of concrete louvres and is also designed to look like the prow of a ship. Now, moving back down to London in Notting Hill, we arrive at ‘House in a Garden’ which was designed by Gianni Botsford Architects. What’s most notable about this building is the unusual roof design which slopes and looks like a copper funnel.

Individual Design for Built-Ins

Innovative and unique architecture and interior design don’t always have to be expensive. For example, you can buy ready to assemble cabinets from wholesalers right across the UK to fit into your new home saving yourself both time and money. And hopefully reading this article today it’s shed a bit more of a light on how rich the UK architecture industry is both for its project and the homegrown talent that is coming through the ranks of the university and leading the way on some of the world’s most interesting projects.

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Stanyard’s Cottage, Surrey, southeast England
Design: Alter & Company
Stanyards Cottage Surrey
photograph : Jim Stephenson
Stanyard’s Cottage in Surrey

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