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Top 7 Countries Offering High-Quality and Affordable Education

15 Sep 2020

Top 7 countries offering affordable education

Why study abroad? Because it is easier than ever in the context of globalization. Going to another country in many cases means better quality of education and more experience.

Top 7 Countries Offering Good Affordable Education

Anyway, if you clicked on this article, it means you might know even better why getting a degree in a foreign country is awesome. So our duty here is to help you choose your country of destination with this overview of the best countries for studying.

1.  The United States – the most highly represented country in the world university rankings

The US universities take 4 places in the top 5 best universities in the world due to their progressiveness. It is not surprising that the most groundbreaking research is conducted in these top universities: MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Caltech. Tuition fees are expectedly high in these institutions, as well as the cost of living in the United States. However, large wages of international students still prefer US excellent education to their national universities.

For that reason, education here is well-adopted to international students, and people from foreign countries usually do not experience any major problems integrating into the educational process. If going to the US is not an option for you, some of the high-quality universities such as Walden University and Kettering University offer online-based programs.

2.  Norway – the most affordable country

Besides breathtaking natural fjords, this nordic country offers a high standard of education, and, as a pleasant bonus, most universities here do not charge tuition fees. In a lot of countries, education is free exclusively for the citizenship holders or, even if it is free for the international community, the language of instruction is the national language (this is the case of such European countries as France and Poland). However, despite its small size, Norway offers plenty of English bachelor’s and more than 200 master’s programs. The only inconvenience is that the cost of living in this country is quite high. So even if international students do not pay tuition, they usually work to earn a living (which is allowed up to 20 hours for a student).

3.  New Zealand – minimal entry requirements

New Zealand is famous as the second safest country in the world. In addition to a nice lifestyle, you can benefit from the opportunities offered by its education. Hiring managers at large companies highly appreciate degrees from universities situated in Auckland, Otago, Wellington, and other cities. In contrast with US universities, the competition in top NZ universities is lower, that is why students with average marks and having no special privileges are likely to be accepted. Besides, write my paper for me service professionals can always assist you with your motivational letter. New Zealand’s university programs are based on the principles of the British educational model.

4.  The United Kingdom – 5th best university in the world is the University of Oxford

The UK is providing a world-class education to more than half a million international students coming here every year. Its University of Oxford is ranked 5th best university in the world. However, if you enroll in another British university with lower competition, your degree will still be recognized in every country in the world.

What is more, you will learn a lot by simply living in this multicultural country. It is not the most affordable place to study in, but it provides professional educators and a rather challenging environment. All in all, if you are ambitious in terms of your career, the UK is an excellent option for you.

5.  The Netherlands – multicultural environment

The Netherlands is quite unique due to the fact that most of its population speaks English, unlike other countries of the European Union. Because of that, it hosts a large number of international students. They are uniting in communities that can provide support very much needed during the adaptation period. It is possible that you will integrate easily onto the tolerant and open-minded Dutch society, though.

You will get the most out of innovative educational programs in universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, and Utrecht because they are mostly based on teamwork and practical assignments. Tuition fees are comparatively low here, but the best part is that you can declare these expenses if you get a job in the Netherlands. Also, being in a small country in the heart of Europe, you get the chance to travel to both Nordic countries and South-European countries at a low cost. How cool is that?

6.  Switzerland – safe living and career in banking

It is safe to say that Switzerland, in general, is a great place to live and work thanks to its economic and political stability. Its renowned educational system is based on the approach of active learning. This picturesque country is friendly to international students and offers multiple programs in English. This country is the best option for those interested in international affairs and diplomacy because numerous international organization’s offices, including that of the United Nations, are situated here. If you decide to stay here, you can build a brilliant career in the finance sector. Almost forgot, do you like chocolate?

7.  Germany – affordable, high-quality education

Eleven German states do not charge any tuition fees, even for international students. It is also worth mentioning that living in Germany is comparatively cheap. For comparison: the basic lifestyle in another country where education is also free of charge, Norway, is no less than 1200 euros, whereas in Germany it is around 700 euros. It goes without saying that you can enjoy a Wurst sausage at Oktoberfest at a much lower cost visiting a fjord in Scandinavia. In Germany, you can find worldwide recognized programs in the following fields: Engineering, Healthcare, Economics, and Sciences.

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