Top 5 Amazing Beach Houses Across the World Guide, Best Waterfront Homes

Top 5 Amazing Beach Houses Across the World

29 Oct 2020

Top 5 amazing beach houses in the world

With winters just around the corner, everybody is getting ready to layer up and spend cozy afternoons curled up by the fireplace.

But people who love to travel and explore new places. After every night there is a day and after every winter there come bright sunny summers which are perfect for travel to new exotic places.

Below we have listed the top 4 amazing beach houses across the world that would be perfect for summer holidays with family or friends. Each one of the listed beach houses is a specimen of fine architectural beauty.

Casa areia, Portugal

Casa areia is a beach house resort in Portugal that is a heaven for people who want a break from life.

This resort is a minimalist resort which is built with simplicity yet beauty. It has small huts and lounge areas that are perfect for relaxation with perfect views and natural sceneries.

Casa areia is recommended for people that are exhausted with the fast track of 110city life and want to slow down to appreciate nature and beauty.

Razor Residence, California

The world was shocked when this modern and futuristic beach house was put in the market for a sizzling $32 million.

Razor residence is a masterpiece that is built by the bank of La Jolla Beach and has private access to the beach as well. If you are a big fan of beach life then you will love this place.

This amazing beach house building was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham an architect that was included in top100 architects.

Villa Athénée, Mauritius

This villa beach house is the most exotic on the list. Renting it will make you live your wildest holiday’s fantasies.

Villa Athénée is constructed at the bank of a saltwater beach that has beautiful white sand. It has a capacity of 10 bedrooms that can be booked individually and also as a whole.

This beach house has a relaxed and laid-back type of feel to it with gazebos and outhouses for maximum exposure to nature.

Bahamas Beach House, Windermere Island

This luxurious beach house is a perfect blend of the modern architect and serene views. The Bahamas is a heaven on earth for people who want to rejoice and relax but do it in luxury and style.

This house is available for rent with an exorbitant price tag, but once you set foot inside it you can say that it’s worth it.

This beach house is perfect for family vacations as it has a lot of activities for children as well as adults.

Kea 6S, Greece

Kea 6S is a beach house that is not much popular and it is its main MVP. For people looking to detox from negativity and hassle of daily routine and just want to unwind in isolation, it is the perfect place.

This beach is tucked away at an island with no footfall or passersby. You can meditate and relax in its peaceful environment with surety that no one will bother or interrupt you.

Every living area is separated from each other to minimize accidental human interaction.

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