The wide, flat world of plasterboard

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The Wide, Flat World of Plasterboard

18 May 2022

If you’re looking for new walls or walling material, what kind of walls should you look for? Industries have researched and manufactured all kinds of material meant to go inside of buildings to keep them comfortable. Not just good looking material but multi-use material, for insulation and climate control. The material that serves above the rest right now is plasterboard.

The wide, flat world of plasterboard

The Wide, Flat World of Plasterboard – drywall material

Plasterboard is a more modern and innovative take on drywall. It consists of calcium sulfate dehydrate or other material such as gypsum which is used for its moisture-resistant properties that are then pressed together between two planes of an insulating material, creating a board, primarily out of plaster.

There are many types of plasterboard you can see here, each with a different purpose and function meant to add to a home passively. Just by having a standing wall, you can decrease heating bills or increase privacy without the need for anything extra. Plasterboard comes with a variety of unique designs and uses that can enhance a home.

Acoustic Plasterboard

This plasterboard has added material inside which dampens sound transfer between rooms. The result is a quiet house all throughout where the noise is mostly relegated to its point of origin. No echoes from basement to rooftop or suns that seem to leak from one room to another. This gives an enhanced sense of privacy not just for people living together, but for everyone passing by outside.

Fire-Rated Plasterboard

You need to be prepared for everything, including fires. Prevention is the number one way to stop any indoor fire from happening, but keeping it from spreading is the second best thing you can do. Fire-rated plasterboard won’t catch on fire, won’t let fire climb up it and generally is highly resistant to burns or flames of any kind. It’s not something to test out, it’s just one more method of prevention with no action required.

Insulated Plasterboard

Heating and cooling accounts for a large portion of many home energy bills. God ventilation can prevent some of that, but there are days and times when you don’t want any windows open. Insulated plasterboard keeps heat in during the cold months while allowing it to rise and disperse normally in the hot months.

Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard

For rooms with high humidity, like kitchens or washrooms, moisture-resistant plasterboard will keep the water from getting inside the walls. Mildew or mold from moisture is the number one killer of wall integrity over time. And for homes that sit in a particularly rainy spot of the country, moisture-resistant walls will keep the inside feeling nice and dry on a fairly wet day.

Standard Plasterboard

For all other needs or means, standard plasterboard does the job of covering the bare construction walls well. It can be painted or altered without endangering its structural strength or its material purpose.

Sometimes you don’t need something fancy. Sometimes you just need a wall, and plasterboard offers the best kind of wall you can get.

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