The most significant buildings in the world

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The Most Significant Buildings in the World

11 May 2021

If you want to learn something about a certain country, you should look no further than its famous architectural monuments. A specific building normally tells us a lot about the history of the city/country it is located in. After all, the popular architectural designs are silent witnesses of the past kingdoms and eras.

Time does affect the aesthetic of a building, but its historical significance makes it beautiful and attractive. We have combined the two parameters (architectural charm and historical importance) to put together a list of the ten most beautiful buildings on the planet.

The Most Significant Buildings in the World – List of 10

1 – Taj Mahal – Agra, India

Taj Mahal - The most significant buildings in the world

Located on the bank of the river Yamuna in Agra, the Taj Mahal is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It got a prestigious designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. The construction began in 1632 and ended 16 years later. The site was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for the purpose of housing the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, his favorite wife. The emperor’s tomb was also housed at the center of a 42-acre complex that also includes a guest house, gardens, and a mosque.

2 – The Pyramids of Giza – Giza, Egypt

We move on to the site included in the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times. The most famous pyramids in the world were constructed on the bank of the river Nile in northern Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza were officially designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. There are three pyramids, each corresponding to the kings for whom they were constructed. The largest, also known as the Great Pyramid, was built for Khufu. The middle was constructed for Khafre, and the southernmost pyramid belonged to Menkaure.

3 – Acropolis of Athens – Athens, Greece

An ancient citadel found above the Greek capital hides several highly-important ancient buildings, Parthenon being the most famous of them. There is evidence confirming that the place was inhabited back in the fourth millennium BC. However, Pericles is known for initiating the construction of the most significant present buildings of the acropolis, including the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, the Propylaea, and the Parthenon.

4 – Westminster Abbey – London, United Kingdom

Westminster Abbey is one of the most significant religious buildings in the United Kingdom. It has changed its purpose over the course of history. It was a Benedictine monastic church, a cathedral, and eventually a church directly in charge of the sovereign – Church of England. The construction of the present church began in 1245 according to the wish of King Henry III. All coronations of British monarchs took place in Westminster Abbey since the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066.

5 – The Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Located in the heart of the Italian capital, Colosseum is both the largest ancient amphitheater ever constructed and the biggest amphitheater on the planet today. The emperor Vespasian was responsible for the beginning of the construction, while his successor Titus completed the process.

The building was used for some of the most popular entertainment spectacles before the medieval era, including gladiatorial battles, animal hunts, and dramas based on Roman mythology. As reported by, local football team Roma are building a new stadium which will resemble the Colosseum in the shape.

6 – St. Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most famous Russian cultural symbols. If you have ever seen a picture of Moscow, this Orthodox church located in Red Square just had to be there. The cathedral consists of nine domes, each belonging to a correspondent church. From 1929 to 1997 the church was completely secularized. However, Orthodox Christian services have been restored after 1997, following the Soviet Union abolition.

7 – The White House, Washinton, D.C., United States

The White House has been the residence and workplace of all US presidents since John Adams in 1800. The building was designed in neoclassical style by Irish architect James Hoban. The construction happened from 1792 to 1800. The interior was destroyed in the War of 1812 but only to be promptly reconstructed.

8 – Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – Spain

A large Roman Catholic basilica was designed and constructed by Antoni Gaudi in 1882. The Spanish architect combined Gothic and Art Nouveau forms. Interestingly, the building is still unfinished as ten more spires are yet to be added to complete the Biblical figure symbolism. Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the church and made it a minor basilica in November 2010.

9 – Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia

We had to find a place for Angkor Wat in this list as it is the biggest religious structure on the planet by land area. The temple was originally built in the early 12th century as a mausoleum for the Khmer King Suryavarman II who dedicated it to Vishnu. At the death of the century, it was converted to a Buddhist Temple and has become the main Cambodian symbol ever since.

10 – Haghia Sophia – Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia was built as a patriarchal cathedral in the 6th century. Back then, it was the biggest Christian church of the eastern Roman Empire. It was the Latin Catholic cathedral from 1204 to 1261, during the Latin Empire siege. From 1453 to 1935, Hagia Sophia was a mosque, following the Ottoman Empire conquest. The secular Turkish Republic established it as a museum in 1935, but the building was re-opened as a mosque by Turkey in 2020.

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