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The Sponsors of the Olympics 2020

20 Sep 2021

Sponsors of the Olympics 2020

The Olympics 2020 finally fell into place in Tokyo, Japan, in mid-2021. It lasted for 17 days. Despite worries, the event was a success.

This is thanks to the cooperation of everyone involved. This includes the host country, event heads, athletes, coaches and sponsors. Still, we can’t deny that the Olympics 2020 were a rollercoaster ride. Even the viewers from home had mixed feelings about the event.

The most affected, though, are the sponsors. This is mostly due to the event’s year-long postponement. Here are some interesting facts that you should know about the sponsors of the Olympics 2020.

1. McDonald’s, for the first time in 38 years, did not sponsor the Olympics 2020

One of the most surprising things during the Olympics was McDonald’s. Since 1976, they have sponsored the event. Athletes and coaches loved their food. The fast-food chain was also one of the Olympics‘ top sponsors. This time, though, they were not on the sponsor list. This ended the 41-year-long contract between the two parties. The IOC then announced that there was no conflict at all. The decision was mutual. This is a good thing.

One marketing guru suggested a reason behind McDonald’s withdrawal. He said that might be because of the alarming increase in obesity. Diet-related issues are also a plus. As a fast-food chain, McDonald’s may not have found its sponsorship logical at the time.  Though the possible reason is valid, this is still a sad fact for McDonald’s-loving athletes.

2. Olympics 2020’s initial postponement had a negative financial impact on sponsors

You have already heard this fact. However, the financial loss that sponsors had may not be clear enough.

One of Coca-Cola’s former managers admitted that they faced struggles. The main factor revolved around the event’s delay. The manager said that they had had to make big adjustments. In particular, they had to change their whole marketing plan. This includes their schedules, activities and likes. Some brands even had to lose millions of dollars. This is no matter if they cancel the sponsorship or not.

3. The opposition of the Japanese people made sponsors hesitant

As you know, Tokyo was the host country for Olympics 2020. Though this gathered positive reviews, there was also great opposition. Most of the Japanese people protested against the event. This act is easy to understand. Of course, COVID-19 is still at its peak. This is enough to make citizens anxious. These growing negative reactions made sponsors hesitant. Some brands found it hard to participate. In the end, most of the sponsors still supported the event. The solution they came up with was to promote quietly. This is unlike the previous events where videos and ads were all over the place. Toyota also provided e-vehicles for athletes to ensure safety.

4. It was Airbnb’s first time to sponsor the event

Airbnb is one of the top vacation rentals in the world. Even so, it was their first time to sponsor the Olympics. Note that they are one of the event’s global partners. You can expect them to sponsor the event for 9 years. To be specific, they will support the following games:

  • Tokyo Olympics 2020
  • Beijing Winter Games 2022
  • Paris Olympics 2024
  • Milano-Cortina Olympics 2026
  • LA Olympics 2028

The company reportedly signed a contract worth $500 million. Not only this, but they will also provide shelter. This applies to any host country. Athletes can expect a comfortable stay in the coming years.

5. Five specific sponsors covered a total of 93% Olympic-related expenses

The sponsors of the Olympics do not have the same financial share. Their investment depends on their brand’s decisions. Some, however, go over the clouds in supporting the event. In the Olympics 2020, there are five top-spending specific sponsors. These are:

  • P&G
  • Toyota
  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Coca-Cola

All of the brands above, except Google, are Worldwide Olympic Sponsors. Google is actually a part of the Official Supporters. The latter is the fourth tier in sponsor levels.

6. Olympics 2020 did not lack sponsors despite financial and health threats

Contrary to what you may think, there was no shortage of sponsors in the same way that websites like GGBet may sponsor eSports. The event actually had more than enough to get by. The athletes also had full support when it came to housing and food. The venue was also complete in terms of tools. 

During the first delay, the event heads actually had issues with contracts. Some of the sponsors did not want to extend. Some also avoided bigger losses. Still, the event managed to get by. The citizens who disagreed about the event also subsided.

As you can see, most of the facts above were about hesitance. Most of them almost backed out.  Still, the sponsors of the Olympics 2020 are worth praising. They, along with the organizers, helped to make the event possible. Even if they were run by profit, they supported the event in spite of the loss. This just goes to show their morals. Despite drawbacks, the sponsors surely made the Olympics 2020 a memorable global event.

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