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Signs Which Mean You Need A Plumber Guide

Building Water Pressure & Domestic System Article

12 June 2019

Signs which mean you need a plumber

Plumber Services

Water is life and we all use water every day. We drink it, wash our dishes and clothes, cars, etc. We also use it in our toilets but it can also damage our home.

When there is some kind of leakage in our home, we need to call an apprentice plumber to stop it. The apprentice plumber duties include assembling and cutting pipes, cleaning the disposable system, handling all the tools, etc. For this type of repairs, it’s essential to hire an excellent plumbing service.

Many companies offer plumber in services throughout the country. They provide same day service, from boiler repairs, leaking and burst pipes, to toilets which won’t flush and showers that are always cold.

We have compiled the list of signs which tells, you need a plumber to fix the issue:

Low Water Pressure

You need the services of a plumber when you feel that the pressure is very low. It means that you have a problem with the water pipes. Sometimes, there is low pressure from the shower due to clog. So, it is better to first check the shower or facet. Tie a plastic bag full of the vinegar on the facet, it may solve the problem. Otherwise, call a local plumber in Hitchin and it will check the pipes for any blockage. There can be many reasons for low pressure such as water leakage, broken water heater, and clog in the pipes.

Pipe Knocking

If you are listening to a continuous sound of knocking when you are taking a bath or washing your hands on the shower? Then there is something wrong. The cause of knocking can be many like water hammer which is caused by the pressurization of the pipes. Moreover, loose support traps, high water pressure, and loose valves. This can cause many issues like shifting of the pipe from its place and a leakage. Check out Find Local Plumber.

Continual Dripping

Sometimes, the water from a shower or a facet continuously drip. The possible reasons may be the pressure of the water is too high or you have not properly turned off the tap. Another reason is when the valve broke and unable to completely turn off the water. It is important to fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can cause serious plumbing issues.

Lack of Hot Water

The water heater is really a blessing in the winter season. Every water heater has a tank to heat the water. If you turn on the hot water and get only cold water? Then there is an issue with the water heater. Maybe the tank of the heater is leaking or the heater itself is not working properly.

Colored Water

The water coming out of your faucet or shower should be clear. If the color of the water is different then there is a problem. If the water is cloudy or white, then there is air in the pipes. But if the color of the water is yellow, red or brown, then there is rust in the pipes.

The rust is a natural phenomenon and the main reason is when your pipe broke or when it is too old. Moreover, the blue color shows that the corrosion is total and green water shows that copper plumbing is corroded. In short, any color other than clear water is not good and can cause serious health problems.


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