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5 Tips to Reduce Electrical Consumption in Your Home

13 Aug 2021

Reduce Electrical Consumption in Your Home

There are plenty of good reasons to want to reduce how much electricity you use every month, not least of them is the desire to reduce how much you’re paying on electrical bills. Here are some tips that will help you lower how much energy your house is using.

5 Tips to Reduce Electrical Consumption in Your House – List

1 – Invest in solar

Solar panels are becoming cheaper and easier to install every year. On top of that, sites like The Solar Advantage are regularly highlighting various types of solar-powered gadgets and devices that can be bought today. Switching one lamp in your garden for a solar lamp might not make much of a difference, but making 100% of your outdoor lights solar-powered will.

Also, keep in mind that some towns will allow you to sell any excess energy generated by your solar panels back into the grid. That can have a big impact on how much money solar panels help you save every month, which in turn makes the investment easier to justify.

2 – Get smart lights

There are many types of smart light available in the market, and many of them pack a wealth of energy-saving features. These include dimming the lights when you don’t need them at full power, allowing you to turn lights on and off from a distance with your phone, allowing you to set blocks of time when the light can or can’t be used, and more.

All of this can make the process of making managing the lights around the house much more tedious. And it can have other applications, such as allowing you to check if you forgot a light on before leaving for work or after you go on a trip.

3 – Unplug what you aren’t using

Modern appliances and charges are designed to minimize power draw when they are not being used. But most electronics will still use some amount of power every day for as long as they are plugged in. So if you have no plans of using that toaster or an old charger soon, make sure they’re both unplugged.

You can also invest in smart power strips, which allow you to control which appliances are getting power using your phone.

4 – Improve heat isolation

Climate control — be it heating or cooling — can amount to as much as 30% of your house’s electricity use during the winter. And one way to reduce how much energy you use on cooling is to improve your home’s isolation.

Installing double glazed windows, making sure doors properly seal when shut, and adding more isolation to the attic can all help your house trap heat more effectively, reducing how much electricity you need to keep it warm.

5 – Climate control maintenance

Heaters and air conditioners can both become less effective or less energy-efficient over time if they are not looked after. The main concern is the accumulation of dirt inside the system; heating and cooling systems often have filters that need to be changed periodically to function properly.

These systems should be checked by an HVAC professional at least once a year to keep operating optimally, but in most cases, it is easy to check and change old filters yourself.

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