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Barndominium Living: The Pros and Cons of This Unique Housing Trend

27 Oct 2023

Are you seeking a unique yet affordable alternative to traditional housing? If so, the rising trend of Barndominiums might catch your interest. These flexible and customizable steel-framed homes offer a distinctive blend of rustic charm and modern convenience.

Join us as we explore the pros and cons of barndominium living, making this critical decision easier for you. Don’t miss out on learning about this intriguing niche in real estate!

What is a Barndominium?

A barndominium is a unique housing trend that combines the rustic appeal of a barn with the comfort and convenience of conventional homes, often featuring an open floor plan, steel framing, and flexible customization options. Our barndominium 101 guide covers the definition of a barndo in detail.

Pros and Cons of this Unique Housing Trend

A magnificent white barndominium. Image Source: Barndominium Living Facebook Group

Difference from traditional homes

Barndominiums and traditional homes are different; barndos have a different look. Initially, they used to be repurposed from old barns and turned into residential areas. Nowadays, they are new barn-type buildings built on a steel frame and used as functional residences. Traditional houses stick to regular designs.

One big difference is cost. It costs less to build a barndominium than a traditional stick-built house. You might pay between $30 and $40 for each square foot of space when you build one of these unique homes, although the cost varies due to different factors, such as location.

Pros of Barndominium Living

Barndominiums offer a flexible layout, allowing owners to create customized living spaces. They are generally cheaper to build compared to conventional houses, offering affordable housing alternatives.

The robustness of these steel-framed homes leads to lower maintenance requirements, saving time and money in the long run. Insurance costs for barndominiums also tend to be lower due to their steel framing and overall durability.

Additionally, they often showcase ecofriendliness through energy efficiency features such as open floor plans that allow natural light and heat distribution.

Flexible layout

A barndominium has a flexible layout. This means you can arrange rooms any way you like. You can make an ample family space or save room for your business. It is easy to change the floor plan if your needs shift over time, too. Barndominiums help use all of an area well. Each inch is utilized from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

Cheaper to build

Barndominiums cost less to make than regular houses. Their build time is also fast. This makes them an economical choice for many people. You can save money and still get a great house. They give you good value for your money. People who need affordable housing may like this option.

Lower maintenance

Barndominiums are a win for people who dislike high-maintenance homes. These houses need less care than other homes. This is because they use tough materials that can withstand bad weather. You do not have to fix the outside of your house as often.

Owning a barndominium can also save you money over time. Lower upkeep costs make these homes more affordable in the long run. People find this appealing, making it one of the reasons why they choose barndominium living.

Lower insurance costs

Living in a barndominium can save money on insurance. These homes often have lower insurance costs compared to traditional houses. This is because they are considered less risky by most insurance companies.

Having a barndominium helps keep your ongoing expenses low, like insurance premiums and taxes. This makes it an affordable housing option for many people. You get to enjoy living in a unique home without much burden on your wallet!

Energy efficiency

Barndominiums are great for saving energy; they have lower utility bills. Their design and build use less power than regular homes. The right insulation keeps warm air in and cool air out, or vice versa.

This reduces the need for heaters and air conditioners, lowering electricity bills. Barndominiums also use eco-friendly construction techniques, helping to cut down your carbon footprint.

You can even add green building materials or renewable energy options like solar panels to save more power! Energy-efficient appliances fit well in these homes, too! All these make a Barndominium not just a home but an asset to our planet.

Cons of Barndominium Living

Although barndominiums offer a unique, rustic charm, they also come with certain drawbacks. The unconventional exterior might not appeal to everyone; it’s distinctly non-traditional and may look out of place in certain neighborhoods.

Limited storage and privacy can be problematic due to the open floor plan design commonly found in these homes. Noise levels could also be higher, especially if the home isn’t adequately insulated.

Additionally, while initial building costs are generally lower than conventional homes, unexpected expenses may crop up during construction – possibly making the overall cost higher than anticipated.

Non-traditional exterior

Barndominiums are unique. They have a non-traditional exterior. It’s a modern design that stands out from other homes. This new look may not be for everyone, however.

Some people want their house to have an old-fashioned or fancy style on the outside. The simple and unconventional look of barndominiums might disappoint them. However, this should not dampen your spirit since we have fantastic architectural products that you can use for your interior to make up for the unconventional exterior.

Limited storage and privacy

Barndominiums might not be the best pick for you if storage and privacy are a big deal. These homes often have fewer built-in storage options compared to traditional houses. So, finding a place for your stuff can become a problem.

They also have an open floor layout that could mean less quiet time for you. The wide spaces in these types of homes make it hard to keep certain areas private. Living in a barndominium might ask you to relinquish some of your privacy. This lack of storage and privacy are drawbacks many people find while living in barndominiums.

Potential noise pollution

Barndominium living can be loud. The primary building material is metal, which does not block sound as well as other materials might. External noise often reaches inside barndominiums with ease. Noise pollution also comes from rain and wind hitting the metal roof or walls. Good wall insulation is needed for soundproofing to reduce the noise.

Pros and cons of this unique housing trend Conclusion

Barndominiums are a fresh take on housing. They give you room to play with design and save money. But, they’re not for everyone as they can have downsides too. The choice is yours to make!

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