Perch home buying guide for new homeowners

Perch home buying guide for new homeowners, Best Solution for Canada property, Canadian house advice

Perch Home Buying Guide is the Best Solution for New Homeowners

25 September 2022

Canada home buying guide is a science that you will love to learn. Perch has been a pioneer in this domain and has given the chance to many Canadians to buy their new home. Even though most of them would love to buy a home close to Quebec or Ontario, Perch has been the proud realtor for other places as well.

However, if you ask Perch experts about the home buying guide they have in mind, they will all end up to the same conclusion. Perch has managed to show people the five major things a potential homebuyer should take a look at before he makes a final offer for an existing or new home. It’s for your benefit to keep on reading for the next paragraphs to ensure that you know how to protect yourself from fraud and enjoy buying the best home you could get, no matter the price you pay.

Perch home buying guide for new homeowners in Canada

Home Location

The first and most important thing to get to know before giving a legally binding offer for a home would be its location. There is surely a need to go there multiple times. You need to see how easy it’s for kids to go to school and catch their bus. The morning vs. the afternoon traffic from and to your home is also another issue you need to know about and do something. Finally, home location would be the first thing potential buyers would estimate, and that is something that is also high in the ranking for the best home buying guide.

Rooms surfaces can Support a Big Family

Now that you have finally found the right location for your home, it’s better to check the home surface. That means you need to spend some hours with the realtor to check all the existing rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms to ensure that they would be enough for your expanding family. Even if you only want to have pets and visitors in your home, it’s always better to have a big house to ensure that everyone remains satisfied with your property. After all, big families are made for big houses, as the rhyme says and everyday life suggests!

Getting the Right Realtor is the First Step

Perch will say nothing new: getting the realtor that will make your heart beat is the best thing to do when buying a new house. Of course, you don’t have to fall in love with your realtor.

But you certainly need to have good chemistry to ensure that he shows you a bunch of houses you would potentially buy and express both the best and the worst parts of them. A realtor can be your good friend when he is not only showing the properties and receiving the commission but when he is willing to know more about the home business and come back ready.

Canada house - Perch home buying guide for new homeowners

Get an Estimation of the Prices in the neighborhood you Want to Live

Many people have faced great budget cuts and surprises just because they didn’t know the average prices in the suburb they would like to buy a new home. However, there is nobody that could make the trip to Europe, and that’s something that has kept the prices in reasonable levels. It’s not good to sign a binding order for a new home when you have not asked your neighbors about it. You will be the first to determine where you want to live, and Perch agents will also do their best to find yourself again.

Perch home buying guide for new homeowners - Amazing Calgary communities, Alberta, Canada

Ensure you Get A Fixed Rate Mortgage

Finally, Perch has made a titanium race to inform any homeowner about the recent upraises in interest rates. Perch knows that almost 90% of all the real estate business is run through the mortgage market. So it’s better to get a fixed-rate mortgage that will give you the chance to know your expenses and never get over the agreed budget.

It’s always better to know what you have to pay before the monthly installment becomes unbearable. Perch is the only online mortgage lender and provider that offers a better rate for all customers who decide to get their money to the bank.

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