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Newcastle-under-Lyme Planning in Staffordshire

6 Nov 2019

Newcastle under Lyme is a market town in Staffordshire known for its beautiful architecture; the town is full of buildings with a wide variety of styles from different periods.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Planning

The towns planning department is understandably stringent when it comes to planning or making changes to listed buildings within the town.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is responsible for conservation and heritage for this beautiful market town and surrounding areas.

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What projects require planning Newcastle-under-Lyme

Local authorities already have controls available through their planning powers, but much depends upon how they are interpreted and implemented.

For instance, any material changes to the appearance of properties that are not single dwellings require planning permission. Still, the interpretation of what is ‘material’ is for the Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council to decide.

A new shopfront is usually regarded as a material change, but there is less certainty about the renewal of windows on upper storeys or a change in roof materials.

As detailed in Section 2, single dwellings have considerable permitted development rights that enable some alterations to be carried out without the need to obtain planning permission.

These works include, for example, changes to doors, windows, roof materials or rainwater goods and the construction of minor extensions. Although they may be minimal in each case, such alterations can have a cumulative effect that is damaging to historic areas.

Where this is a problem, an Article 4 Direction should be considered, and such a Direction is recommended in part of the conservation area in section 6.4.

Commercial buildings and flats have fewer permitted development rights, but an Article 4 Direction can be useful for controlling, for instance, the painting of walls.

Newcastle-under-Lyme building England UK

The Council needs to be consistent and proactive in its interpretation of what it considers to be a ‘material’ alteration to such buildings – for instance, many Councils insist on planning applications being made for the insertion of uPVC windows or new roof materials above shops or in offices.

A common complaint is that planning decisions are inconsistent. While each has to be determined on its own merits, much can be achieved by having a clear interpretation of statutes, detailed policy and guidance, and training to help elected Councillors to work within these constraints.

It is essential also that Council Members and officers should be aware that development proposals can have an effect on a conservation area even when they are some distance outside it. In such cases, the duty to pay special attention to the character and appearance of the conservation area still applies.

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