The most interesting architectural buildings in Edinburgh, Scottish architecture developments

Most Interesting Buildings in Edinburgh

22 Mar 2021

Most Interesting Architectural Buildings In Edinburgh

Did you know that Edinburgh has over 4,500 landmarks, and the area occupied by them is more than in any other city in the United Kingdom? The capital of Scotland is a real find for fans of both Gothic and Georgian architectural styles, as well as for those who like to alternate different types of recreation, because in addition to more or less famous historical buildings in Edinburgh there are many pubs, clubs and restaurants, and even several casino.

Of course, if your element is a game, then with the help of the non uk registered gambling sites aggregator, there is an opportunity to try your luck. But it is better to leave more time to explore the most interesting architectural sights of the Scottish capital. Excursions to them promise a special kind of win: even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you will get a lot of fresh impressions and take great photos.

Most Interesting Buildings in Edinburgh List

Edinburgh Castle

It is impossible to write about the Scottish capital without mentioning Edinburgh Castle, founded in the early Middle Ages, and not only because it towers over the city like a motionless sentry. Every year, about 2 million tourists come here who want to see the powerful towers, the ancient chapel of St. Margaret and legendary relics: the crown of Scottish kings and the Skunk stone – the same one that since 1296 served as part of the coronation throne of British monarchs and which Queen Elizabeth II in 1996 decided to return the Scots. There are so many historical events associated with the castle that the most talkative guides do not even have time to tell about half of them during the excursion, and its area is so large that in order to inspect all the components of the castle complex, you will need at least half a day.

Holyrood House

This palace, built at the beginning of the 16th century. James IV, was supposed to demonstrate the power of the Scottish monarchs, but neither the king himself nor his successors in Holyrood, as they say, healed, and a hundred years after the founding of the palace, he was completely empty. Holyrood is nevertheless maintained in excellent condition as the official residence of the British monarchs and a popular tourist destination. The greatest interest of tourists is attracted by the chambers of Mary Stuart, which have remained in their original form since the 16th century, and the Great Gallery, decorated with portraits of 110 Scottish kings. You can explore these and other interesting places in Holyrood House at any time of the year – with the exception of the summer months, when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth comes here.

New Parliament

It is difficult to find another building in Edinburgh that has been criticized from the beginning of construction as fiercely as the complex of buildings intended for the Scottish Parliament. However, since 2004, when the long-suffering parliament building was finally officially opened, public opinion has changed, and today it is considered one of the main attractions of the city and an excellent example of postmodernism in architecture. You can make sure whether this is really so by visiting the parliament, fortunately, access for tourists is open not only to the lobby, but also to the meeting room.


The Scottish capital is very rich in monuments of religious architecture, among which there are mosques, a synagogue, and even Buddhist monasteries. Among this diversity in architectural, cultural and historical terms, stand out:

– St. Giles, aka Edinburgh Cathedral (XIV century)

– a masterpiece of Gothic, the pearl of the Royal Mile and the nationwide center of Presbyterianism;

– Holyrood Abbey – the remains of an early medieval structure, clearly demonstrating that the ruins can be an interesting architectural object;

– Greyfriars Kirk – the first reformist temple in the city, built at the beginning of the 17th century;

– Canongate Church, famous for its unusual for the 17th century. architecture;

– The throne church, reminiscent of the appearance of the church in Holland of the 17th century.

University of Edinburgh Buildings

The third largest university in Britain consists of many buildings, but the most famous of them are Old College, built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and New College, built about half a century later. Old College is considered to be an example of the Georgian style, and New College with its high towers piercing the sky can be mistaken for a medieval structure if you do not know when it was built. If you like lush interiors, then McEwan Hall is a relatively small domed building used for university ceremonies, in particular for graduating students.

Of course, the sights discussed above make up only a small percentage of the architecturally interesting Edinburgh buildings. Monuments of antiquity are concentrated in the area of the Royal Mile, and in the New Town you will find not only majestic monuments (including the most famous – the monument to Scott), but entire streets lined with cozy picturesque cottages, as if descended from the paintings of the old masters.

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Architecture in Edinburgh

Contemporary Architecture in Scotland – architectural selection below:

St James Quarter , central Edinburgh
Architects: BDP Glasgow studio + Allan Murray Architects
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New National Centre For Music, Calton Hill
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