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Los Angeles Recording Studios

26 Dec 2020

Los Angeles, CA, houses some of the best media industries like Hollywood, television, and the music industry. Many emerging artists look for their big break when they come to Los Angeles. Hollywood city is home to many well-known artists. It has changed the lives of many amateur artists. You can easily find commercial and home-based media studios all around the city. Los Angeles is the right place for you if you are a band or an artist looking for their music career to fly.

Los Angeles recording studios are, without a doubt, some of the best around the world. No other city in the US has more recording studios than LA. Los Angeles, CA, houses some of the best media industries in the world.

Los Angeles Recording Studios, California

Los Angeles recording studios are easily some of the best around the world. The Conway recording studios enjoy the privilege of hosting some of the greatest musicians in the world. Artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson have recorded their music with this studio. Brundo family is running the studio since 1976. It is a proud family studio. It will be a music dream come true to be able to with Convey recording studios. Similarly, Bernie Grundman Mastering and EastWest studios are the names that went down in history for recording Grammy-winning albums with Grammy-winning artists.

No other city in the US has more recording studios than LA, and as a new talent, you can find quite a few well-equipped, affordable recording and rehearsal studios all in one place. Some of these studios also offer consultation. The engineers working in the studios are helpful towards new artists and guide them through recording and releasing their music.

Here we have gathered a list of the best recording studios around LA to satiate the hunger of a music historian and in the high hopes to support an upcoming star,

Sunset Sounds

Owned by the director of recording at Walt Disney, Sunset Sounds qualifies to provide the artist’s best recording experience. It has recorded albums for artists like Prince, Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, Whitney Houston, etc. There are three studio facilities available for recording.

The studio has many great albums attached to its name and is among the studios for artists to record their music. You can book your place for recording, getting rates, and everything else by directly contacting the studios.

Raz Klinghoffer

Raz Klinghoffer (AKA Hamster) is a record producer, songwriter, mix & audio engineer, and guitarist. He records at his recording studio in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.
Raz has spent over 16-years producing and mixing most genres of music including pop, electronic, rock, hip-hop, R&B, Americana/folk, film scores, adult contemporary, country, and metal.

Raz works with up & coming and established artists at all levels of their careers, and ghost produced for some of the biggest names in the industry. Raz’s co-write and production work for EarlyRise, “Wasteland,” was the only track by an unsigned artist to be featured in-game in Ubisoft ‘Rocksmith 2014’ – alongside Paramore, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, etc.

Raz’s music has appeared on many shows like Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’, “Lucifer”, NBC’s ‘Shades of Blue’ , “Shadowhunters”, Fox’s “Almost Family” and ABC’s “The Rookie” etc.

His track “La La La” received airplay across the country on powerhouse top 40 stations Z100 (NYC), Q102 (Philly), XL106.7 (Orlando), 91.7 ZHT (Salt Lake City), and KISSFM (Phoenix).

Henson Recording Studios 

Henson is a name everyone in Hollywood is familiar with because of its rich vintage vibes and history. Charlie Chaplin was once the studio owner, and it is the greatest of the recording studios right in the heart of the city.

Henson is famous for its amazingly equipped recording space. The studio has vintage, retro vibes, which makes it amazing for visitors and artists to choose as a top destination for staying and recording their music. The studio also offers extensive mixing and editing equipment. Names like Lionel Richie, John Lennon, and Katy Perry associate with the studios. The studio also has a name for its friendly staff and professional engineers. You can easily reach out to Henson Studios via their email.

Union Recording Studios 

This studio is suitable for every artist at any level. They are a surprisingly affordable studio but do not get any wrong idea because they offer quality, and their team is professional. You do not have to worry a bit in the hands of the seasoned staff at Union Recording Studios. They are experts in all genres of music, and they will perfectly cater to your individual needs. Madonna and Green Day are a few of the famous names among the clients. Solo artists and small bands should go for Union Studios as their first recording choice. You can contact the studio directly to book a spot.

The Village Studios 

The Village studio has a name for producing and recording charting music ever since the beginning. They also have the longest list of recording movie tracks. It offers four main recording rooms A, B, D, and F, along with its Moroccan room and the auditorium space. It has recorded tracks for Shawshank Redemption and The Bodyguard. New and old artists love the studio space alike. Names like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and The Rolling Stones have recorded their music with The Village Studios. The studio often arranges free concert events for the visitor. New clients will appreciate their hospitality and environment.

BioSoul Music

BioSoul is an emerging recording studio. It is open, bright, and modern. The track room is huge, and the studio space is amazing for live recordings. It offers impressive rates in a beautiful and cozy space for new artists. You can find their contact easily through a studios information website.

Things to look for in a recording studio

Looking for a recording studio in a city like LA can become an intimidating task very quickly. Here are a few things to look for while browsing a recording studio.

Studio facility

While looking for a recording studio, you should always consider the space you will inhabit when you are recording. It needs to be comfortable, open, and cozy. You will be staying at a recording studio for many hours in a day, and therefore, you should never compromise on the studio space’s practicality.


It is very important to be safe while recording music. Look for a place with professional staff. Whether they are people in the management or the engineers, the studio’s people should be helpful if not friendly. They should know what they are doing and have enough knowledge of music.


It all boils down to affordability but try not to compromise on the studio equipment. A well-equipped studio can be a rare find, but it will be much easier to find one in a place like LA. Look for extensive recording and editing gear for the best music recordings.

Lastly, it does not matter what studio you choose for recording your music. Even if you record your music at home, never stop keep creating and having fun. Good Luck!

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