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Important Things To Do When Installing A Water Heater

15 Jan 2021

Important things to do when installing a water heater

Every year more than 8% of households replace their water heaters, according to the Department of Energy. Thanks to constant technological advances, there is a large variety of water heaters available on the market. While it is nice to have various options available, it does make the decision making process considerably harder. Before parting with any money, it is vital to consider a number of things to ensure you are making the best possible choice as far as price, size and functionality are concerned.

Energy efficiency is a critical consideration

Water heating equates to approximately 20% of an average home’s energy bill. Therefore, if energy costs and your household’s impact on the environment are among your top priorities, you need to consider water heaters that sport a high energy efficiency rate. Newer water heaters are all generally a lot more energy-efficient than older models.

Modern-day traditional tank water heaters, however, still consume up to 34% more energy than a tankless system, according to the Department of Energy. Gas water heaters and solar-powered heaters are even more energy-efficient. Contrary to popular belief, a solar panel system will work in any climate, including the UK, that is known for its grey weather. Don’t rush into anything. Instead, conduct sufficient research into the energy efficiency of each type of water heater, and then make an educated decision.

Size does matter

When it comes to a water heater installation, size does matter. It is important that the size of your water heater is relative to the size of your property. There are a number of ways you can go about determining the correct size of the water heater.

Start by considering the number of people in your household, as well as the number of devices the water heater will feed. Some thought also needs to go into how much water will be required at any given time. If you are looking for a heater that will take up less space than your current one, a tankless model may be your best option. Be careful not to sacrifice functionality, as you may find yourself shopping around for a new water heater sooner than is necessary.

Cost is of great consequence

The cost of a new water heater is undoubtedly important, especially if you have a tight budget. Tankless heaters are typically more expensive than their tank-bearing counterparts, but are also easier to install than traditional models with tanks.

A solar-powered system, on the other hand, may cost more to install but will require significantly less maintenance, and will also reduce your electricity bill, resulting in long-term savings. You ultimately want to take the outright price of the water heater as well as installation costs into consideration when weighing up your options. Also, estimate annual operating costs, and make sure you compare energy-efficient models to more traditional models.

Important Things To Do When Installing A Water Heater Summary

There are many types of water heaters available on the market, each with its own benefits and shortcomings. Always conduct sufficient research, and consider various important elements before making an educated decision.

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