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How to use accent lighting smartly?

10 Oct 2019

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Are you planning to add more character to your home? Then, try to be a wee bit experimental with the lights in your private nest. You can have functional lighting already in place as it has a direct impact on your activities.

But how about taking an extra step to give your home a stylish touch with accent lighting? It can illuminate the specific elements in your home to increase their aesthetic significance, contributing to the overall ambiance at the same time.

If you visit the renowned architectural lighting designers, they will suggest where and how you can take advantage of this type of lighting. Before that, you can go through a few of the ideas here, though.

How to use accent lighting smartly


If you have a beautiful painting, which you want to bring in focus, you can go for accent lighting. For this purpose, you can choose lights from a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to save your utility bill, you can think of using LED lamps as well.


Putting decorative lights can be one of the best ways to increase the visual appeal of an empty corner or recess in your home. The direct reflection of light on the spot can create an optical illusion of spaciousness, making it look deeper.


In most of the interior design projects, you will come across textured walls or some unique patterns on the walls. These can look creative. But if you wish to make it unique, include accent lighting.

For example, you can opt for a row of track lighting. It will illuminate the space for you as you need. Since these are mostly decorative in purpose, you can expect them to have a modern look. When you choose it, make sure it matches your home decor and theme.


Accent lighting for outdoors is also available. You can use it to light up things like sculptures, trees, plants, rocks, facade, etc. Some homeowners buy it for wet locations too, such as ponds to highlight water.

Kitchen cabinets

To make your kitchen lively with countertops or backsplashes in focus, you don’t need to look beyond this type of lighting solution. However, you can achieve even more apart from making your kitchen area all lit-up. You can use them strategically to throw light on specific items on racks or in corners for an emphasis.


You can resort to recessed or adjustable spotlighting solutions for your closets where you store your books or some other exciting stuff. It can immediately draw the attention of anyone visiting your home.

In truth, there is no end to what you can do with accent lights in your home. The more you are creative, the more your home can look beautiful. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with your choices. Also, whatever you select, it should merge with the ambiance of your home, while highlighting its uniqueness. There has to be perfect chemistry between the lights and elements so that your home acquires a dazzling feel quickly.

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Het Platform Community Building, Utrecht building designed by architects VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism:
Het Platform Community Building Utrecht
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Het Platform Community Building

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