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8 Advantages of LED Lights on Your Home

16 Oct 2019

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a fact that few people know or even need to know. The professionals who work with this kind of technology, such as CLF electricians, know the benefits of LED lighting and work hard to provide customers with superior technology like this. To understand LED lighting, you’d need a small course in it, but you don’t have to understand the tech to benefit from it. Here are 8 practical ways that LED lights can make the lighting system on your home more efficient and much brighter.

8 advantages of LED Lights on your home

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  1. Long Lifespan

How does LED lighting compare with halogen lights? Well, let’s just say your typical LED lights last 8-10 times longer than Halogen lights and clock in with a lifespan of around 80,000 hours. Investing more in LED lights doesn’t really mean you lose money. You’re going to actually save money because you need to replace your lights less often.

  1. Small

The smaller the lights, the better, and the more they can be a decor feature rather than an eyesore. The smallest of LED lights measure at about 2 mm, so you’ve got a very small feature to add to your home landscape.

  1. Efficiency

Halogen lights are notorious for converting most of their energy into heat instead of light. The average Halogen light only puts out about 10% of its energy via light. Compare that with LED lights that give you 85% of your energy in the form of what you really want: light. The rest goes to heat.

  1. Safe

LED lights are low voltage, meaning that they burn less hot than other forms of lights. You can actually touch them and not get burned (in most instances). The rest of the world’s lights are sometimes dangerous to handle when they’ve been on. LED lights are also very durable, being able to handle exposure to outdoor weather events like snow or rain.

  1. Save money

Utility bills like an electrical bill can be very frustrating because it means that the more you spend on electricity, the less money you have to eat. Thanks to LED lighting, people are saving on that electricity bill and eating a lot better. The savings over the years can really add up when you religiously use those LED lights. Since the LED lights are more efficient, you’re getting your energy in full effect and wasting less.

  1. Eco-friendly

LED lights don’t contain UV rays and emit far less CO2 than other forms of lighting systems. When you use LED lights, you’re doing the environment, and yourself, a big favor.

  1. Instant light

Other forms of lights take awhile to give you full energy. They may flicker or lose their luster. LED lights are instant lighting, burning bright at full energy, and giving you the kind of lighting system you need without having to wait. Thanks to that, you won’t need any form of backup lights.

  1. Durable

8 Advantages of LED Lights at Home

Forget glass. LED lights aren’t made of glass. They also don’t have filaments, a very fragile components of cheaper lighting systems. Your LED lights aren’t going to shatter all over the place when you drop them or leave you with a burnout unexpectedly.

Thanks to their durability, they’re ideal for busy households where things tend to get broken once in awhile (or often). They’re also much safer if you have children in your household, as they don’t have the capacity to shatter like other more fragile forms of lighting.

LED lights continue to quietly do their job efficiently, with a cost effectiveness that adds up when you consider the lower utility bills and the long lifespan that they have. They hold up well against any form of lighting in the world, and more and more people turn to LED lights as time goes on.

Not only are they durable and better for your household, but they do the environment a favor as well, making for a better household and a better world. Anyone who’s still using Halogen or other forms of lighting is going to be very pleased when they make the switch to LED lighting this year.


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