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How To Protect Your Garage Floor- A Simple Guide

19 May 2021

Our garage floors face the brunt of harsh climate conditions and wear tear caused by our vehicles. If you live in a location that experiences frequent precipitation in the form of snow, hail, or rain, it will be a common problem for you to have a dirty garage. Debris from your car or oil leaks can also damage the garage floor.

These elements can corrode your floor, in the long-term they will cause molds and mildew. Pools of rainwater or melting snow can lead to high humidity in your garage. This can also lead to rusting of metal accessories.

How to protect your garage floor guide

How To Protect Your Garage Floor Guide

Similarly, oil leaks can cause discoloration of the garage floor. If the leaked oil gets too hot it can evaporate and these fumes are known to be a health hazard. The seeping of this oil into natural drainage through the ground can lead to an environmental hazard.

These pools of water and oil can also be a safety hazard as it causes slippery floors in the garage as well as in the house.

We can avoid facing these problems by following some simple procedures.

Proper Maintenance Of Your Vehicle

A properly maintained vehicle will be less prone to oil leaks. A regular check-up from your mechanic will not only avoid oil leaks but will also keep your vehicle mechanically fit. Giving your car a proper wash every week will keep the dirt and gunk from building up on its undercarriage.

The most common source of debris and dust is the car. Whenever you bring your car into the garage these elements are deposited onto the floor so a weekly wash of the vehicle is necessary.

Having an ice scraper or snow brush can be a big relief because they can help you remove snow and dirt buildup from your vehicle. A light clean-up can save you from snow melts and also help reduce the dirt in your garage.

Using Garage Floor Mats

The introduction of garage floor mats has been a game-changer for homeowners. These mats are made up of materials that are waterproof and can sustain the wear tear caused by the vehicle. They cover the surface beneath your vehicle. All the snow, dirt, debris, and oil collects on these.

These mats have numerous benefits. They are designed to hold gallons of liquid dripped by your vehicle. The high-strength fabric can withstand any climatic condition. This fabric is non-reactive to mechanical fluids so you do not have to worry about any damage.

The garage floor snow mats are included with a raised edge, this helps it to contain the water while a vehicle drives over the mat. These floor mats are provided by “Auto Floor Guard” and it specializes in making mats for residential users.

These mats have special stay put corners which help the mat to stay fixed in its position. This is a really helpful feature because in any circumstance you will never want the mat to slide and cause a mess.

These mats are user-friendly because their installation is easy. They come with a warranty so you have peace of mind. They are highly durable and would not show any signs of degradation. They can save you a lot in terms of cleaning time and the amount of money required for the floor renovation.

They can be a great investment for you as they will prevent wet floors in all seasons.

Properly Cleaning The Garage Floor

It is necessary to clean the garage floor regularly to maintain it. This will increase the life of the floor. Plus it will prevent staining from the liquids spilling from your vehicle. Cleaning it with a mild cleaning agent will reduce the chance of the growth of fungus or mold.

The next step after cleaning or washing your garage would be to make sure that you dry it properly. You should not let any water settle down on the floor. These water build-ups will lead to high humidity inside the garage which then lead to mold infestation. It can also cause rusting problems in accessories that are made up of iron or its alloys.

The installation of a large exhaust or blower fan can help stop humidity build-up in your garage. They will dry your floor quickly and remove any moisture in the air. They might consume a lot of electricity but they will save you that amount in the long run by keeping your garage dry.

Why Garage Floor Mats Can Be Only The Solution

It does not matter if you are a car enthusiast or an average person who owns a car, at some point in your life you will get tired of the constant mess in your garage. Your best bet against this wet mess is to use garage floor mats. You should keep a squeegee or broom to remove the water from the mat. This mat can also be dragged outside and cleaned with a water hose.

The garage floors have become increasingly versatile. They are gaining importance because they are being used as a stage for showing off expensive-luxurious vehicles. Everyone wants a garage that is organized and well-maintained. These mats will easily reduce the time of maintenance.

With the rise of DIY youtube channels, car owners are more willing to experiment with their cars at home. They can be doing a detailing wash or even go as far as doing an engine rebuild. All of this increases the likelihood of an accident that not only damages the property but it can also result in a human injury. A garage mat might reduce the possibility of these.

These mats can easily hide the previous stains caused by the spilling liquids from the vehicle. The cracked floor can also be covered with this mat. The wide variety of colors available in these mats will surely match your floor.

These mats can be easily cleaned. Their installation and removal process is easy. The process is non-technical, unlike other competitors. So once the wet winter season finishes you can fold it up and keep it in your storage.

The large catchment area for water stops spilling when you drive over and you would not have to worry about draining the water in it every single day.

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