How to make a reversible duvet cover?

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How to Make a Reversible Duvet Cover?

27 April 2022

Usually, duvet covers are a bit expensive, especially when it comes to luxurious ones. They can be used as a top layer of your linens and not only cover your sleeping place but also determine the total look of your bedroom.

If you really love creating and want to give your bedroom a unique appearance, you can make a reversible duvet cover with your own hands. For people who like bohemian style in bedding and have sewing skills, it will be a perfect decision. DIY reversible duvet cover will help you to change the look of your bedroom just in one flip and save your money for other adorable items.

How to make a reversible duvet cover?

What Supplies Do You Need?

For this project, you’ll need two sheets of different colors or patterns. Usually, cotton, linen, or blended fabrics are used, but you can take any material that gives you a luxurious look and touch. You can also use two tapestries to give your duvet cover a bohemian look.

These two pieces of fabric should be the same size and a little larger than the duvet or blanket you’d like to place in it. Before you start to sew, we recommend you wash your fabric in case it shrinks.

While you are washing, prepare sewing supplies:

  • a sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
  • thread in the color of the fabric

If you want to give your reversible duvet cover a fun look and see the stitching, you may use contract thread.

Easy Steps for Making Reversible Duvet Cover

To prepare your pre-shrinked fabric for the process, iron out all edges and make them plane. Then, follow up our instructions:

  1. Lay one sheet of fabric down on the ground and match it with another sheet. Linen is reversible, so it doesn’t matter what side is on the top. For other materials, match two sheets accordingly. Put them on the right sides together, so that when your work is over, you’ll turn your duvet cover right-side-out.
  2. To avoid slipping the fabric, pin the sheets together. It will help you to concentrate on sewing, not on holding pieces of fabric together evenly.
  3. Mark the place of the duvet cover’s opening on the short end and sew other sides with a basic straight stitch.
  4. You can make a duvet opening using a zipper or sew the ties to the edge. Remember that it will be the visible part of your duvet cover, so try to make your stitching in as straight a line as you can.
  5. Now, your cover is ready. Just turn it right side out and place the blanket inside.

Trends in Reversible Duvet Covers

If you only start thinking to change your ordinary duvet cover to a reversible one, it will be useful to know the modern trends in this top bedding. Don’t forget that the duvet cover should match the style of the bedroom and go together with other linen items.

For the minimalism style, pick the cotton fabric of two matching colors that are especially on-trend: smoky grey with polish pink, cool blue with shining white, sunny yellow with dark brown, and others. For country and boho styles, choose linen, patchwork, or tapestry material.

You also can combine the plane side and the printed side to change the mood of your room completely. Dots, cut-outs, country stripes, and colorful Mexican prints are at the peak of popularity.

Another trend in top bedding layers is using textured fabric. You can mix the plain fabric and material decorated with knitted weaves, subtle embroidery, waffles, and pinch pleat texture. For bohemian appearance fringes, buttons and ties will give a funky artistic look.

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