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How to know the type of content your audience likes on Instagram

7 July 2020

How to know the type of content your audience likes on Instagram by

How to know the best type of content your audience likes on Instagram

If, like Lord Disick, you’re posting on Instagram to brag about your luxurious life, perhaps you wouldn’t have to worry about whether your viewers like your posts or not. But for an influencer or a brand owner, the opinion of your viewers really counts!

Considering they’re the ones you’re posting for, you cannot afford to post just for the fun of it, like a Lord Disick would do. Instead, you have to ensure that every content you create is custom-tailored to satisfy their taste.

The question then is, how will you know the type of content your audience likes to see in their Instagram feeds? At least before you can tailor something to satisfy the taste of someone, you need to know what that person truly likes.

Of course, they won’t enter your DM to tell you. You have to find out for yourself. Luckily for you, this guide is designed to help you do just that.

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Content your audience likes on Instagram

Check your existing buyer persona

There is no need racking your head to know what your audiences would like to see in their Instagram feeds. Just take a deep breath and reflect back on the characteristics of your existing buyer persona. Whatever you’re able to point out from your moment of reflection is a good start on what your Instagram audiences are likely to like.

Don’t know the characteristics to reflect on? Just ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my business customers looking for?
  • If I announce a price hike or bonus offers today, how would they react?
  • What grabs their attention the most?
  • Which of my products is the most appealing to them?

Answer these, and you’ll have a good glimpse of what your business audiences are likely to click on in their Instagram feed. For example, if, like every customer, your business customers are always looking for free/bonus offers, how do you think they’ll react to an ad from you displaying your newest discount offer?

Stalk them

Stalking is bad; we know that! But not on Instagram – it is perfectly fine to do it there!

First, identify those that are following you. Secondly, take a look at those that are engaging with your posts (liking and commenting on them). Click on each of the icons of these people to go into their profiles.

From there, you can:

  1. Check what they’re posting
  2. What they’re liking and commenting on
  3. Who they’re following
  4. Hashtags they’re using,
  5. And commonest words in their captions.

Once you know what they’re posting, you can tailor your posts to tread those paths. As for checking who they are following, this will give you an insight into the kinds of people or things they like to follow on IG. And with their hashtag and caption details, you can start creating something relatable.

Please bear in mind that it’s beyond the scope of this guide to teach you how to do point 2 above to see – how to see what someone likes on Instagram. But you can follow that link to learn more about it.

Enter their DM

Although this might seem pretty tasking for an account with lots of new followers’ requests, it actually helps to ask people directly why they’ve followed you. Especially if the said person had been engaging with many of your contents over the past few months/weeks. You can simply send a DM to them to ask them what interests them the most about your profile and what they expect to see in the nearest future.

Snoop on your competitors

Not those competitors that are struggling to get engagements on their posts, but those ones that are clearly engaging people consistently. Take a look into what their content strategy is like and see if you can take any page from their playbook.

The idea is not to steal anyone’s idea but to see why their posts are resonating with the people.

Ask everyone outright!

Once in a while, go into their feeds directly and ask them to rate your content or to know what they’ll like to see more on their feeds from you. Even Kin Kardashian recently asked her audience directly through their feeds about the kind of aesthetics they’re into.

So why should you be shy to do it?

Use Instagram insights

Instagram itself wants you to create personalized, targeted content that satisfies the desires of their audiences. This is why they introduced “Insights” to help business account owners track the demographic details of their audience.

With Insights, you can know the age, location, and gender of everyone following your account.

But what will you do with this information? You may wonder!

Well, if you know the average gender, age, and location of all your IG followers, you can easily decide on the type of content you want to create because already you know “who” the majority of your audience is. For example, let’s say the content you intend to post is male-inclined and suited for a millennial audience, but Insight tells you that most of your followers are old and married-people, don’t you think you’ve already failed with that content even before posting it?

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