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How to Get More Seating In Your Kitchen

30 January 2023

If you have a small kitchen, or you’re simply someone with a lot of foot traffic, or who like to host a lot of people at once, you might be looking at your little four-seater dining table and chairs with disappointment.

You can’t tell Grandma to stand in the corner or your nephew to share the dog bed with his new furry friend – or maybe you can – but the better move would be to add more seating options to your kitchen. How do you go about that? Well, we have some ideas for how you can add more seating to your kitchen and still not over-clutter or change the integrity of the room. Take a look at our suggestions.

How to get more seating in your kitchen
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How to Get More Seating In Your Kitchen at Home


There is a growing trend for benches in interior design for dining rooms or kitchens. You can either have them freestanding or if you’re running low on space, you can create your own little booth in your kitchen or dining room. It’s a more casual eating experience where the amount of people you can fit in your home is really about how cozy your guests are willing to get with each other.

They fit well into more rustic styles like Bohemian or cottage core and can be as long or as small as you fancy. They can even go in your living room if you need somewhere for extra guests to sit. Take a look at these PriceBusters living room sets for some ideas.


An easy way to add seating to your kitchen is with tall stools. They are stylish, communal, and low-key. You can place three by the breakfast bar and create a space in your kitchen where you can chop and chat at the same time. Share breakfast, start studying, or anything else you can think of at the breakfast bar on a simple stool.

But maybe you have an island instead of a breakfast bar? Well, you can add stools there too. It makes for a very cosmopolitan feel in your own home. Can’t you imagine shaking the cocktail maker for your guests while they nibble on snacks? They’re doing it at your kitchen island.

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Second dining table

Now hear us out. We’re not talking about trying to fit another long-runner dining table that could put a medieval king to shame in your kitchen. Instead, we’re going for something small and compact, with only two or three seats that will allow you to fill an empty corner of your kitchen.

This isn’t designed for you to invite the whole family to but instead will make for a nice place for you to enjoy a cup of coffee with the newspaper in the morning or a glass of wine with a girlfriend in the evening. And it’s bound to come in handy as a place for the kids to eat or play with crayons if there isn’t room at the big boys’ table.

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