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How To Fix A Cold Designer Radiator

13 January 2022

Having a cold radiator in your home is simply the worst. What’s the point in having a brand new, fashionable, designer rad, if it simply isn’t functioning correctly? We have made things simple by assembling a guide so you can fix a cold designer radiator in your home with ease. Follow these steps, and you should be sitting warm and comfy at home in no time at all.

How to fix a cold designer radiator tips

There are some questions you must ask before you begin addressing your cold designer radiator, so you can get to the route of the problem with ease.

#1: Is Every Radiator Cold?

If every radiator in your home is cold and will simply not heat up, this may well be an issue that needs addressing within your central heating system. Check that your boiler is switched on for a start, as this is sometimes an overlooked issue! If everything is switched on and you are still unable to feel any heat from your radiators, there may be an issue with your boiler, central heating or plumbing. In this case, address a professional for their advice and they can assist with the issue.

#2: Is Just One Radiator Cold?

If you find that only one of your home designer radiators are cold, the issue will almost definitely be with the radiator itself. It may be broken, or it may just require bleeding, which is an easy to manage process you should be able to do buy yourself. Bleeding the radiator is a simple process where you expel any trapped air from it, using an alan key in order to release the air from the valve.

If you find that the top area within your radiator is warm but the bottom is cold, this is most likely an issue caused due to a formation of sludge within the radiator, stopping it from sufficiently heating up. This will require you to flush your radiator, which is essentially a process where you clean any debris, rust, or sludge from the radiator itself.

If the radiator is cold all over, then you should check the valves are moving properly, freeing them up if so required. If this does not seem to help, then you should turn off all radiators, and see whether the radiator that appears to be broken heats up. If it does warm up, then you should turn on your radiators one-by-one, starting at the bottom of the house, closest to the boiler.

Cold radiator help guide

What if This Doesn’t Work?

If you find that you still aren’t having any luck, then a good option is to replace the valves, or address a professional for their expert opinion. If you think that you may be putting yourself or the inhabitants of your home in danger by undertaking any manual work on your radiator yourself, then please do not attempt to dismantle your radiator.

Always ensure you are taking a safety first approach, and you will be able to warm your home back up in no time at all, whilst keeping those within your home as safe as possible.

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