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How to create a home office

30 June 2020

Since lockdown was imposed back in March it’s been estimated that around 1.7 million of us have been working from home, and whilst restrictions are beginning to ease, returning to ‘normal’ office life is still a long way away. If you’re still working from your dining table, or with your laptop precariously perched on your lap, we’ve got some clever ways you can create the perfect home office – to see you through the pandemic and this new normal way of WFH.

Have a dedicated space

Whilst it can be tempting to work from the kitchen table, it’s important that you’re working in the right environment, especially if you’re working from home with your significant other or with children. You don’t want to be interrupted by the sound of the kettle or the constant opening and closing of the fridge door.

Try and find somewhere that is free from distractions, and helps you get in to ‘work mode’. You want your mind to know that when you’re in this space it’s time to get to work, and not think about hanging up the washing, or cleaning that worktop. Equally, having a dedicated space, means at the end of the day you can ‘leave’ work. Companies like Hammonds can help design bespoke areas in your home where you can have your home office. It could be you have an unused nook under the stairs, or perhaps you can create an office with sliding wardrobe doors that can be closed at the end of a busy day.

Make it inviting

Most of us will spend an average of 3,507 days at work, so it’s important to make where you work inviting. The most important element is natural light. Find somewhere that has as much natural light as possible, not only will this help your mood – even on rainy days – natural light will help reduce fatigue and eye strain, as well as combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Adding in a house plant (or ten) can have many benefits too. Not only will it make your office space more appealing on a Zoom call, but house plants have been shown to enhance creativity and productivity, reduce stress and sickness, as well as improve air quality. For added interior credentials use planters of different sizes and materials to add interest. Concrete planters create a contemporary industrial feel, whilst planters in natural material feel more boho.

Keep it clean

It’s true that a tidy desk will lead to a tidy mind. Being organised and having a clutter free environment will help you feel less stressed and more inclined to get on with the job in hand instead of fretting about the mess.

Use stackable paper trays and desk tidies, cable ties to help keep cables in order. At the end of the day clear your desk of mugs and tumblers too. Spending a couple of minutes at the end of every day will ensure when you return to your designated office space, you’re ready and raring to go.

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How to create a home office advice

Norra Tornen, Hagastaden, north of Stockholm
Design: OMA / Reinier de Graaf
Norra Tornen in Stockholm Sweden
photograph : Laurian Ghinitoiu, Courtesy of OMA
Norra Tornen

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