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How do I submit a rental application?

13 September 2021

How do I submit a rental application

Rental applications are an essential component of apartment hunting. This is because your landlord uses the application to decide if you are a good fit for them as a tenant. You can expect to have a background and credit check performed on the information you provided. Sometimes, personal references and a co-signer can help. There are a variety of ways that you can submit your rental application, which includes both digital and traditional paper submission forms.

How do I submit a rental application – Online Applications

Not all rental offices or landlords have gone digital. However, one of the most popular ways to submit a rental application form is online. This is incredibly beneficial for busy individuals who don’t have time to leave work early to meet with a representative before closing hours. You can also request that your landlord make your inquiry more accessible by providing some online application forms. If you are out of town or not in the state, this makes your search for a new home more feasible.

At the Rental Office

Many apartment owners provide paper applications that you can pick up at their rental office. It is a formal application that will require you to write in your personal information, personal references, co-signers, and other data. The paperwork is typically several pages and should be stapled together in order. You have to coordinate with the office when you can drop off the documents before they close.

Face to Face With Landlord

If your landlord is flexible or prefers that you work directly with them, you can submit your rental application to them face-to-face. This is one of the best options because you can ask questions about the rental space, their expectations and give them the application fee in person. If the landlord receives it from you immediately, it is possible that your application will be processed quickly.

By Mail

You can mail in your application if you don’t have a way to submit your documents in person, but the rental office doesn’t provide a digital solution. Your application fee, however, should be provided in the form of a check or money order. This approach takes the longest, as you will have to wait for your application to reach the rental office and then be processed. It is recommended that you send your application as certified mail so that you receive confirmation that it has been delivered and your information wasn’t mishandled.

By Email

You can also consider submitting your application by email in the form of a pdf or Word doc use PDF to Word. This is great if you live out of town, and also makes sure that your information lands in the right hands. However, you may not want to send Social Security information by email, and you still have to figure out how you will pay for your application fees.

After I Submit My Application, What Do I Do?

After submitting the application, one of the recommended activities you should do is call the representative to discuss the property. Talking to the agent can help you understand what they are looking for, what they require regarding credit and income, and how good their customer service is. You can also consider befriending the real estate agent or the rental office representative to help increase your chances of being selected. This will help when the apartment selection process is competitive. If the representative knows you more than other tenants, you may be considered a better choice. You should also try to visit the property in person. If you can’t, have a good friend send you a video. Pictures of properties are hardly accurate, as specific angles may hide certain aspects of the property. Also, consider offering more money for your rental space if you believe you might be declined. This can guarantee that you receive the apartment of your dreams.

How do I submit a rental application – Learn More

The rental application process has evolved to become more complicated. There are more requirements and income guidelines compared to 20 years ago. To help make the experience smoother, try to submit your rental application online so it is simpler and easier to correct any errors.

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