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Getting Your Business in Shape

30 Dec 2019

Getting Your Business in Shape Can Shape Up Your Bottom Line

It’s a competitive world out there. As an architect, you’re well aware of the rapid change in building codes set to occur in the not too distant future. With a renewed focus on going green, many of the existing structures, as well as new building designs already in progress, will need modifications in order to pass inspections in many states. Getting your firm’s name noticed ahead of the pending changes will give you the opportunity for a prosperous few years.

Getting Your Business in Shape

Business Improvement Advice

Branding your Business

When you’re a household name, it’s easy to acquire new sales. However, most small businesses don’t have a large budget to spend the kind of money it takes to gain name recognition. Luckily for you, today with social media sites attracting millions of viewers each day, you can get your name out there for much less. Just make sure that your website is stellar prior to placing an ad on social media. Getting a jump start ahead of your competition and showcasing your architectural designs, is essential.

Benefits of an Expo

Expo and trade shows are a wonderful way to shows off your work and attract new business. Set up a 10×15 canopy tent with your company name, colors and logo and then have a table with pamphlets and samples of your designs, construction models and certifications. Make sure that you make it interesting so that potential customers stop and stay a few minutes.

A booth or table at these events also gives you an opportunity to see your competition and network with people who are in the same field. Going forward, having a few names and cards in hand can help with future endeavors. For example, if you meet someone in construction and an electrician and you land a building complex you can contact them. Finding work for others in the business can lead to long-lasting relationships that help each other stay afloat financially.

Establish Yourself in the Community

Even if your business has only been established for a few years, you can gain the trust and support of your local community. A face-to-face connection can leave a long-lasting impression.

It’s important to get your name out there as a player. Sponsor the local pee wee league, host a clam bake or a concert in the park to give back to the community. Then back up your efforts will a follow up mass e-mail to extend a personal thanks. Once your town views you as a regular person, you’ll start to see your business grow. If you are interested in hiring a firm to design, develop or market your brand online then consider Toni Marino.

Offer Great Customer Service

No business can survive without customer service. Make sure that all of your employees are on the same page. Monthly meetings are a great way to review policies, situations that may occur and go over your projected sales for the upcoming year.

Have an Employee Incentive Program

Keeping your employees happy by giving them a reason to work harder is in your best interest. Many large corporations provide an annual bonus equivalent to a small percentage of the salary to their employees. While you may not have thousands to hand out, you can use the same reward system on a smaller scale. You can offer a set monetary amount for each sale achieve during a month or offer corporate gifts or gas cards.

Referrals Encourage Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is something that helps businesses acquire new prospects without an additional monetary investment. Keeping your existing customer base satisfied will create a chain of events that will continue to work in your favor. When a customer appreciates the work you do they, in turn, will tell their family and friends and when those people or someone they know needs that type of service they offer your name.

As an architect, you have many competitors. However, by getting your business in shape, you can stand out from the crowd and enjoy a lucrative career.

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