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Contemporary Bathroom Furniture Ideas

21 Nov 2019

Bathroom furniture is much more than a massive vanity built around your bathroom sink or the comfortable chair next to the makeup table, though these options certainly exist. Here are a few contemporary bathroom furniture ideas. We’ll share the pros and cons of each and explain why they’ve become staples of home design.

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Contemporary Bathroom Furniture Guide

The Wall Mounted Sink

The wall mounted sink is the cheapest and simplest solution. That’s why it was the default in older apartments and homes. The biggest benefit for home owners was that all the floor space beneath it was open. You can build a custom vanity around it, or you can choose storage units that go underneath it. You can also choose small cabinets and hampers that can sit alongside it.

The Pedestal Sink

The pedestal sink is more elegant and stable than the wall mounted sink. It isn’t going to collapse if your child climbs up on it. However, you lose some of the floor space underneath it. Building a custom cabinet around it will hide the pedestal, but you’ll need to make the most of the limited storage area in it. On the other hand, these sinks tend to have a larger lip, giving you a little more working space with the sink you already have. You may only need to supplement it with a storage unit, and that may be the traditional medicine cabinet behind the bathroom mirror.

The Vessel Sink Vanity

One of the more popular, modern bathroom furniture ideas is the vessel sink vanity. The large vanity surface has a single or double raised vessel like a bowl for washing. This shift in design may let you raise the sink higher, ideal for those who can’t lean over anymore.

It also gives you much more work surface for the same area. Some of these stunning bathroom vanity units resemble the porcelain bowls people bathed from a century ago, before indoor plumbing became routine. Note that they have the same stoppers and plumbing as conventional sinks. One benefit of this design is that you can choose a shallower or wider bowl at a later date without having to replace the entire vanity. The downside is that you have to alter your faucet and drain if you try to upgrade to a vessel sink.

Contemporary bathroom furniture ideas sink design

The Framed Sink

This is the standard design in most suburban homes. The framed sink is a sink that is installed into the conventional bathroom vanity. The vanity may be slightly larger than the sink embedded in it, or the vanity could stretch the entire length of the room.

This type of sink is often cheap because it is installed in a plastic laminate countertop and because these units are so commonly used. They are easy to clean. They give the plumber access to plumbing inside the cabinet. The homeowner enjoys the storage in the vanity generally surrounding the plumbing. It often comes with pre-made drawers and doors. You have a wide choice of designs to select from.

The Drop In Sink

The drop in sink is a little more expensive than the framed sink. The vanity is a separate, durable and more expensive piece of furniture. The drop-in sink is purchased and installed. This type of bathroom furniture shares many of the benefits of framed sinks. The vanity gives you plenty of work space and storage space. The upside of this approach is that you can have far better materials in the vanity itself, and you can more easily replace the sink bowl itself if desired.

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture Ideas
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