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Business and Focus Music – Helpful Suggestions

12 Jul 2021

Business and Focus Music

What jobs does music assist, and what jobs does it retaliate against? Because office noise may be damaging to work, many people turn to headphones and substitute one noise with another – music. A tiny research published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology found that when given the choice between noise and stillness, humans choose music.

Business and Focus Music Research

In one study conducted by British psychologist Mark Griffiths, it was shown that when subjects were exposed to quicker music, they played roulette and offline slot games. It may suit you, but study has proven that music does not help with jobs that need concentration, especially if the songs include lyrics – since we lose attention as a result.

If you can’t live without rhythm, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, author of “This Is Your Brain on Music,” recommends taking a 15-minute break every two hours to listen to music. There is some evidence that listening to music while working can increase performance. After that, Levitin recommends retreating into quiet to boost productivity. If working without headphones isn’t an option, Sensa recommends listening to ambient, classical, or sensing meditative music, which is less distracting.

According to my “study,” your brain identifies a sound wave in 0.05 seconds after it hits your ear. That is ten times faster than the speed of light! So, believe me when I say that the first thing a customer notices when he or she arrives at your establishment is the sound. That’s not what people see. They don’t smell like that. What they hear is what gets to their brain first. What’s the point? If you want to make a wonderful first (and lasting) impression on visitors who walk into your business, the music playing throughout your establishment is critical, and here are five reasons why.

Customers Spend More Time with You

Music provides a relaxing and friendly ambiance. It creates emotion, even if your consumers are unaware of it. There have been several instances at casinos where customers are seated at a blackjack table, swaying to the rhythm, which, aside from how the cards fall, may make or break their degree of fun and satisfaction. And if your consumer is calm and having a nice time, it’s only natural for them to stay longer.

Boosts Client Spending

More consumer spend results from increased time spent at your business. My claims are supported by research. Back in 2017, the wonderful people at HUI Research did a large field trial on background music in restaurants. According to the findings, a well-curated playlist of music that played randomly picked popular songs rather than music that was brand-matched for a business resulted in a 9.1 percent decline in overall sales.

At online casinos, we have many options, such as black diamond slots, with which it has been specifically found that when listening to more dynamic music, customers are willing to spend more money. “When done well, music has a significant beneficial influence on sales,” stated research leader Professor Sven-Olov Daunfeldt. “If you play the incorrect music, you can find yourself alienating the same consumer and selling much less.”

Establishes a Relationship with the Consumer

So, if your consumer is staying longer and having a good time, the overall experience will reverberate and, as a result, develop a relationship. Of course, this will lead to client loyalty and recurrent visits. Here are some additional statistics that back me up: according to a recent Walnut Unlimited survey, 90 percent of buyers are more likely to return to a brick and physical store if the music, pictures and aroma create a nice experience.

Assists in Matching the Environment to Your Brand

When selecting the music and messages that will be played around the property, every business must keep its customers in mind. If your venue’s population is largely Baby Boomers, you don’t want a lot of alternative rock from the 1990s blasting over the speakers. The property is vast in certain situations, as with New Level Radio clients MGM Grand in Las Vegas or Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

These properties have dozens of separate zones spread out across hundreds of thousands of square feet. And the demographics of each zone’s customers shift throughout the day. New Level Radio provides programming that is customized to each client, based on the company type and the customer. This is precisely why New Level Radio is ideal for a casino. We can play customized music and messages to meet the type of consumer and the environment, no matter what time of day or night it is or who the clientele is.

Increases Employee Productivity

As a business owner, you are fully aware of this. Employees that are engaged and satisfied with their working environment are more likely to be productive. Add in the fact that they will be dealing with happy consumers, and you get not just an increase in productivity, but also increased attentiveness and a more upbeat mood overall.

Yes, I have further data to back up my claim. In a study titled “Psychology of Music” conducted by the University of Windsor in Canada, it was discovered that “positive affect and quality-of-work” were at their lowest when there was no music in the workplace, whereas a positive mood change and enhanced perception” were seen from employees simply by adding the right music. If you want to create the best ambiance at your company and reach out to your consumers with targeted and timely messaging, New Level Radio can design a completely personalized and curated in-store radio network that is unique to your location. Our staff will guide you through our cutting-edge tools and solutions, which enable you to modify and shift in real-time.

How Might Music Have the Most Beneficial Impact at Work?

As may be deduced from the foregoing, music in the office is a welcome distraction. However, in order to maximize its effectiveness, certain factors must be considered:

  • Determine which genre of music is most suited to your individual requirements. What important here is what type of music all employees agree on – ambient, classical, pop, rock…
  • How loud it should be in order not to disturb anyone in the office. To meet everyone, switch genres.
  • Allow employees to use headphones to listen to any music they like.
  • Limit the area where the music may be heard. Although the bathroom, kitchen, and corridors are all viable locations, stillness may be required in some offices in order to do a decent job.
  • To make clients spend more, even online, I suggest turning on automatic music when a client enters an online casino site or some online spending options.

Business and Focus Music Guide Summary

Final Word

If you haven’t already played music in the office to offer your staff rhythm and boost your business, try doing that as music in the office may make mundane tasks more exciting and enjoyable, as well as make it simpler for your staff to spend time at work. Of course, if you find that the beneficial benefits are missing, you can always turn it off, but the likelihood of that happening is quite low.

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