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The Best Universities to Study Architecture and Design in the World

15 Jun 2021

Architecture and Design draws the attention of many students these days. Architects are responsible for designing and structuring buildings and other constructions. Their work is complicated and relies on various factors. Those who work within the field must know how to create different structures that people can use for many years. The Architecture and Design course is demanding, which requires studying five years to earn a B.A. and M.A. degree.

Moreover, graduates should spend an additional couple of years gaining the necessary practical experience and getting a license to become a complete architect. Because of such lengthy studies, numerous students have to work in between their courses to cover tuition fees and other expenses. As a result, many choose to be college essay writers and work with clients one-to-one. But whatever they do, their passion for becoming first-class architects remains. So, what universities do future specialists choose? Let’s find out.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The University is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, the cradle of cosmopolitanism. It is widely agreed to be one of the best institutions with a focus on architecture, providing valuable knowledge and experience. Switzerland has long been known for its noble attitude toward many things, and education, mainly architecture, is no exception.

The University has a well-structured curriculum that balances theory and practice. Teachers are experienced professionals who also work in the private and public sectors. Attendees study a wide array of courses, including but not limited to the history of architecture and modeling. The great thing is that the Polytechnique treats students earnestly and provides individual workplaces, covers travels, organizes workshop events, and offers up-to-date facilities.

University of Cambridge, U.K.

Best universities to study architecture and design - Emmanuel College Building Cambridge
image courtesy of architects
The University of Cambridge is known to be among the most prestigious institutions in the world. With its excellent courses, it is no wonder that lots of students all across the world aspire to get into Cambridge. However, Cambridge University’s architecture course doesn’t prevail, i.e., it doesn’t drive substantial demand. But does that mean it is weak?

Absolutely no. The University of Cambridge has a lot to offer when it comes to Architecture and Design. The University benefits from a relatively small number of students, allowing it to concentrate on every person individually and help them develop their unique style.

Every student has their own workshop with teachers, which helps them brush up on their skills. Because of this personalized approach, the admission process is demanding, which requires submitting an essay, completing a test with an interview, and attaching a portfolio.

Harvard University, U.S.A.

Harvard University tends to be on every list of excellent academic institutions. And it isn’t surprising, as Harvard is an influential university offering numerous opportunities for students, researchers, and professors. Harvard’s Architecture and Design program is diverse and cooperates with different faculties.

Students get fantastic chances to bolster their practical skills and apply their theory into practice. Thanks to its name and reputation, Harvard encompasses top-notch teachers with revolutionary approaches that help students graduate with lots of knowledge and experience. It is also highly challenging to get into Harvard, as acceptance rates are meager. Harvard University expects applicants–aside from interviews, coursework, and essays–to have references and additional experience in Architecture and Design.

ETH Zurich

ETH is another institution from Switzerland on the list, and it is for a reason. ETH Zurich has a rich history. It was an alma mater for dozens of genius physicians, mathematicians, and, of course, architects. Since its foundation (1855), the University has been offering in-demand courses in undergraduate and postgraduate education. Its focus is primarily on theoretical studies, which are usually conducted in German. This makes applicants from Germany and Austria a prevalent number of students.

University College London (UCL)

Best universities to study architecture and design - University College London Cruciform Hub
photograph © Christopher Heaney

Many find University College London as an alternative to Cambridge University. But it isn’t a fair comparison. UCL is an entirely different institution with its history and aims. University College London tends to be one of the best Architecture schools globally because of its unique syllabi, innovative approaches to studying students, and implementation of exclusive research techniques.

Furthermore, UCL has cutting-edge technology. Its modern facilities outperform every technology architecture schools can offer to their students these days. Besides, the University religiously hosts various exhibitions and encourages its students to contribute to and curate them. The above makes the application process complicated. Every candidate has to tackle an assessment task that will decide whether he or she pertains to the course.

The Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Established in 1842, Delft University nurtures its traditions and innovativeness. The University is located several miles from Rotterdam. It amasses lots of students to study different courses, including Architecture and Design.

This melting pot makes studies exciting and helps students exchange their experiences and visions. The University offers courses on Urban Studies, Architecture Studies, and Building Science. The availability of numerous courses with practical workshops puts Delft University on the list of worldwide top architecture schools. B.A. studies are usually conducted in Dutch. However, Master’s degrees are available in English.

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