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Architectural Wonders of Europe

Key Buildings: The Colosseum, Alhambra, Neuschwanstein Castle & St Basil’s Cathedral

31 May 2017

European Architectural Wonders

Best architectural wonders of Europe

Europe is fit to burst with some of the very best and most historic buildings in the world. From walking tours around city fortifications to discovering castle ground to watching history come alive at some of the oldest churches in the world, Europe has endless opportunities to witness architectural beauty in the flesh. Our list of some of the very best structural treasures are sure to inspire you and offer you a greater understanding of the past and how its influence has translated to the future in terms of the way that buildings are built.

The Colosseum

While Rome in Italy has a plethora of fascinating and very old architectural sites to see, few can overtake the grandeur of the Colosseum. The structure started being built in 72 AD and was used as an amphitheatre that saw the death of over a million people and animals. While it has a brutal past, there is no denying that the building has remained almost perfectly intact and can still be visited to this day to marvel at its majesty.


The Alhambra situated at Granada in Spain is a gorgeous medieval fortress that stands proudly on top of a hill. It started to be built in the 9th century AD and it was not until 1350 that it began to properly take shape into the marvellous structure that we see today. The complex spans over 35 acres of land and is surrounded by gorgeous gardens that make the view of the building from the outside as well as the inside all the more extraordinary.

Neuschwanstein Castle

In Germany you will find the impressive turrets that stand proudly out from the landscape and can be spotted from miles around. While it is one of the youngest buildings on this list having being completed in 1892, it offers a fascinating back story in the fact that it was built for one person to live in- King Ludwig- who sadly died before he was ever able to move in. The castles fairy-tale structure played an important role in acting as the inspiration behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Walt Disney World, Florida.

St Basil’s Cathedral

While St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, is part of Eastern Europe as opposed to the EU, there is no way that it could be missed off of the list. As one of Russia’s most beautiful architectural icons, it can be recognised easily and has stood proudly in the capital since 1560. A chilling legends tells us that Ivan the Terrible, who commanded the building be built, actually cut out the eyes of the architect who built the cathedral to ensure that he would never build a more beautiful building!

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