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Architectural Design Field, Real Estate Rising Market Trends, Construction, Property

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21 Mar 2019

Architectural Design Market Trends

Looking To Stay Competitive In The Architectural Design Field In 2019? Follow These Rising Market Trends

Architectural Design Field, Real Estate Rising Market Trends

As with any market in any industry, the majority group will always lord over the minority when it comes to being able to set industry trends. And in the realm of real estate and architecture, the majority group of which I speak is that of the Millennials. With each passing year, more and more Millennials are becoming capable of buying a house.

Naturally, any good businessman or marketing specialist is going to know that in order to maximize profits, you need to target a particular demographic and to match one’s products and services to that of the target group’s preferences. After all, if you’re able to connect with the majority of your market, you’re also bound to gain control of the market shares.

That principle does not change here. And it would be wise to heed what people want. They are, after all, the very same people who are going to be buying houses from you. So, with that in mind, what exactly do Millennials want in a house?

Multi-Purpose Spaces

As space is becoming ever more expensive, there seems to be a collective want to save money by having a multi-purpose room. This is also because in the modern age, working from home is a popular option. A living room can be a work space, a game room, and an entertainment center whenever the situation requires it to be. The point is to maximize space and to allow versatility in a house.

Environment-Friendly Facilities

Millennials are growing more and more concerned over the state of the planet. Thanks in large part to the internet, they have been made aware of the declining health of the planet. While the search for renewable energy continues, we can only opt for the next best thing — to mitigate our resource consumption. With that in mind, solar panels as well as water-saving fixtures, are going to be very attractive to prospective buyers. Design the house accordingly.

High-End Kitchens

Another effect that the internet has on Millennials comes in the form of a renewed preference for home-cooked meals over restaurant food. Because the internet allows users to find recipes online, they now prefer to cook their own meals. This not only saves them money, but it also yields more nutritious food.

It is for this reason that Millennials want nice kitchens. Not only will a high-end kitchen make the house more attractive to your target market, it will also increase the value of the house as well as estate agent’s fees.

Smart Home Capable Designs

It’s no longer a surprise that Millennials are big on technology, especially when you mention developing tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. While these pieces of tech have not yet metamorphosed into their intended versions, they are, without a doubt, going to be an integral part of daily life in the near future. As soon as these technologies are ready, Millennials are going to want to have them in their homes.

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