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How are Allshelter’s Container Mounted Shelters Fit for Purpose?

27 February 2024

Allshelter container mounted shelters fit for purpose

Every worksite possesses a distinct set of demands and intricacies, underscoring the value of tailored solutions that cater to these unique requirements. Container mounted shelters emerge as a pivotal solution in this scenario, offering the possibility of crafting structures with a precise fit-for-purpose construction approach. This level of customization ensures that your shelter aligns with your operational needs, making it a seamless integration for your endeavours.

This is where the expertise of teams like those at Allshelter comes into play so your business can achieve an optimised shelter design solution that suits the specifics of your industry. The spectrum of options available caters to a diverse array of scenarios, enabling you to fully harness the potential of your worksite.

When making an investment in a container mounted shelter, the alignment of size and design with your worksite’s dynamics is of great significance. Hence, the availability of a multitude of options to personalise your structure becomes a vital feature. These options include:

  • Inside or Outside Mounting: Depending on your spatial preferences and operational requirements, the choice between inside or outside mounting can be tailored.
  • Double or Single Stacked Containers: The flexibility to stack containers based on your space availability and intended use brings a level of adaptability to your shelter’s configuration.
  • Height of Individual Containers: The size of the containers themselves can help to accommodate varying equipment sizes or create a more spacious environment.
  • Side Beam Gaps: The width of side beam gaps can be modified to facilitate ease of movement or specific access requirements.
  • Endwalls and Doors: The placement of endwalls and doors ensures seamless entry and exit points, tailored to the workflow on your site.
  • Artificial Lighting: Incorporating lighting solutions based on the nature of your operations enhances functionality and safety when working in the dark.
  • Guttering: Implementing guttering systems ensures effective drainage and protection from the elements.

With a wide variety of sizes, there is also the option of altering if you are after something larger or smaller than offered. All shipping container shelters are made from to utmost quality and have been proven to withstand all sorts of conditions.

Container vs Towable Shelters

Towable dome shelters, like the ones at Allshelter, make relocation even easier. Being made to have speed in mind, the shelters are mounted on a 15″ wheelbase, making them able to be towed by a medium to large sized vehicle and become much more efficient for those whose work environment is constantly changing. They remove all need for excess reinstallation time as they can be simply moved from location to location without dismantling. Towable shelters are versatile to all terrain and are able to move forwards and backwards, and are also able to turn tightly using a flexible swivel. Multiple sizing options are available to suit the needs of your project or worksite.

Time Efficiency and Customer Service

The kit forms of fabric structures offer a remarkable combination of lightweight design and effortless portability. This translates to a streamlined process for receiving and assembling your shelter, typically taking just a few weeks. With a lead time ranging from 2 to 7 weeks, you can swiftly have your shelter in hand.

What’s more, the initial inquiry stages need not encroach on your schedule. Like at Allshelter, they prioritise providing tailored customer service through a dedicated sales team. This commitment ensures that your unique needs and preferences are met with the utmost efficiency. Collaborating closely with you to tackle any challenges that arise, comprehensively grasping your customer requirements to facilitate a seamless experience.

Teams of professionals are committed to crafting a container shelter that aligns perfectly with your industry and purpose. Timeliness is a core aspect of service, with rapid turnarounds that eliminate unnecessary delays. For more information on dome shelters, visit their website

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