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7 ways to take good care of your air conditioner

8 June 2020

7 ways to take care of your air conditioner

AC unit article by Jim Pullman

As a homeowner, you will have several repairs done on your air conditioner. Air conditioners come in handy during the summer. Proper ac maintenance service can help your AC unit last decades. A neglected air conditioner loses up to 5% efficiency annually. Here are 7 ways to take care of your air conditioner:

Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep your AC unit efficient. Below are seven ways to take care of your air conditioner.

Reasons To Use Portable Air Conditioners - 7 ways to take care of your air conditioner

Cut the Plants Around the AC Unit

Since outdoor air conditioners are ugly, homeowners always do their best in hiding them. Trellises, plants, and fences are the common methods of hiding the AC unit. However, these air conditioners require an adequate amount of airflow.

To perform efficiently, all sides of the air conditioner should be free from vegetation. Landscaping and other objects should be three feet away from the unit.

You should clean up leaves and other debris around the AC unit regularly. Moreover, trim and cut bushes to increase the airflow to the AC unit.

Remove Pollen and Other Debris from The Condenser Unit

Most outdoor AC units are installed in hidden locations. Thus, most people forget about cleaning the condenser units regularly. It is an easy chore that you should not neglect. The condenser works by pulling air from the outside to your home.

Pollen and other debris often cling on the exterior of these units. Thus, airflow is restricted, reducing the cooling efficiency and causing the unit to overheat.

Cleaning the condenser is an easy task. Using a garden hose with a hard stream of water, work from top to bottom on each side of the condenser.

Do Not Close Any Registers

In a two-story house, the upper floor is always warmer than the lower one. Even if the central air conditioner is running, the top floor will always be warmer. Closing some vents in the lower level forces more air to the upper level. The cold air will in turn move the lower level since hot air rises, and cold air falls.

Unfortunately, by doing this, the AC unit can shut off. To avoid this, do not close the registers completely. The vents need to be slightly closed to balance the air temperature. Further, ensure that the vents are not blocked.

Regularly Change the Filters

Maintaining the central air conditioner calls for more than enhancing airflow. The air filter system needs to be regularly changed. It is recommended that the filters be changed every ninety days. However, considerations need to be made on how long the AC is running.

During hot months, the filters should be frequently changed. The process is simple since you just slide out the old filters and slide in the new filters.

Regular cleaning and changing of the filters improves the air quality and increases the life of the AC unit.

Use A Programmable Thermostat to Set Temperatures

The less the air conditioner is used, the less the wear and tear. Setting temperatures using a programmable thermostat reduces the usage of an AC. Thus, the life of your AC unit is increased.

Typically, you alternate between cool temperatures during the day and warm temperatures at night. However, it is more efficient to use a programmable thermostat than to shut off the AC unit.

7 ways to take care of your air conditioner – Keeping the Sun Out

An excellent way to take care of your air conditioner is by blocking the sun from your house. Invest in reflective shades that will keep away unwanted heat from the sun. You can also use ceiling fans to stay cool.

During winter, remove the shades and let the heat from the outside, warm your house. Sweaters and space heaters can also help you stay comfortable.

A Professional Inspection and Annual Cleaning

Before every cooling season, you are recommended to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning. Hire a HVAC professional to help you out. The professionals always inspect the control box, coils, fan motor, tubing, and the compressor. Further, the refrigerant levels are examined, and the unit cleaned. Contact Brad Gall Brisbane Air Conditioning for your AC unit repairs, cleaning, and installation.

As the old maxim states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are several ways to take care of your AC unit to prevent it from breaking down. Stop the neglect and start the repairs.

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