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10 Landscaping Ideas to Try in 2023

2 November 2023

10 landscaping ideas to try: gardens landscape
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Has your yard got you yawning? This year, breathe new life into your landscape with on-trend updates that wow. The latest outdoor living designs integrate seamlessly while upping your home’s curb appeal. Well-chosen enhancements also encourage spending more quality time outdoors, fully enjoying your property. In Peoria, AZ, large landscape design and installation services can range from $3,000 to $15,000.

This cost factor is essential to keep in mind as you consider the latest landscaping trends for 2023. Making the right choices for your landscape enhancements not only contributes to your property’s curb appeal but also ensures that your investment is well-spent. Here are 12 of the hottest landscaping ideas for 2023 that can help you transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Read on for some of the hottest landscaping ideas to inspire your own backyard oasis.

1.    Pathways

Sometimes, a direct route isn’t the most interesting one. Winding pathways gracefully guide you through your landscape, revealing hidden gems around each bend. Materials like brick, stone, gravel, and wood infuse charm underfoot. Curving paths feel especially inviting, beckoning you to see what lies ahead.

Strategically placed pathways also establish focused areas within your overall yard. Follow one to a cozy firepit hangout and another to a lush garden sanctuary. You control the experience through intuitive design. Let pathways pave the way to enjoying your yard to the fullest this year. Working with a local expert, such as the best landscaper in Peoria, AZ, can truly transform your outdoor space.

2.    Backyard Structures

Elevate outdoor living with versatile backyard structures. Pergolas and other overhead covers provide much-needed shade for relaxing on hot summer days. Outfit with hanging lanterns and greenery for added flair. Under a pergola’s slatted roof, dine al fresco or curl up with a captivating read.

For a more enclosed refuge, choose a screened-in gazebo. Its 360 degrees of protection lets you enjoy the outdoors, come rain or shine. Outfit with plush seating and throw pillows for an outdoor living room.

3.    Retaining Walls

Retaining walls seem utilitarian, but they offer form and function. Stacked stone, interlocking blocks, or stacked timbers terraced on hillsides add rich textures. Planting beds built atop retaining walls become raised gardens brimming with flowers and greenery. Walls brick pathways, streambeds, and patios to establish boundaries with style.

Thoughtful placement also creates private nooks for sitting circles or water features. Retaining walls contain, divide, and define spaces with an earthy elegance that no fence achieves.

4.    Raised Planter Beds

For gardening without groundbreaking beds, raised planters have you covered. Their contained design keeps plants neat and organized while simplifying maintenance. Arrange raised beds in geometric patterns or scatter for artistic flair.

Made of wood, brick, or stone, these planters accommodate plants of all sizes. Display flowering annuals and perennials together for a collage of colors and textures. Grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables easily thanks to nutrient-rich, well-draining soil.

5.    Outdoor Living Areas

Your landscape deserves an inviting living room, too. Define a relaxing refuge by laying a paver patio or deck. Outfit with sections: a lounge with weather-resistant sectional and side tables, a dining set for meals al fresco, and a firepit encircled by Adirondack chairs.

Sprinkle in pots overflowing with blossoms. Hang strings of lights overhead. Position it all near the home for an easy yet transformative outdoor living space.

6.    Poolscapes

Make a backyard splash by incorporating water features. In-ground pools remain classics for swimming, relaxing, and playing. More compact above-ground varieties work for smaller spaces. For built-in serenity, create a lush pond or trickling waterfall feature.

Pool patios and sun shelves provide areas for lounging poolside. Position retaining walls, planters, and gardens around the water for a tropical ambiance. Compliment with curtains of tropical foliage like elephant ears and ornamental grasses.

7.    Tropical Plants

Speaking of the tropics, their bold plant varieties perfectly suit hot climates and personalities. Large, architectural leaves like elephant ears and banana plants add drama. Cascading flowers like bougainvillea and passionfruit vines lend romantic flair.

Palms, ferns, and bamboo conjure exotic locales through texture and volume. Go all-in on the tropical look or tuck these statement plants among more familiar varieties. Their sheer size makes them stand out for filling space and grabbing attention. Just ensure proper sunlight and care for the best performance.

8.    Vertical Gardens

Rethinking unused vertical spaces this year by adding climbing plants and trellises is a great way to create beautiful living walls. Place trellises against boring fences or walls, then cover them with gorgeous flowering vines like trumpet vines, clematis, morning glories, and more. The explosion of vertical color and volume from the climbing plants transforms dull, flat surfaces into jaw-dropping living art.

Hanging planters are another excellent way to bring vertical gardens to life. Get creative hanging baskets and planters at varying heights filled with colorful collections of cascading greenery like succulents, spider plants, petunias, and others.

9.    Lighting

Outdoor lighting is so important for both creating ambiance and enabling enjoyment of your landscape after dark. Line pathways with charming low lanterns to safely illuminate nighttime wanders. Encourage lingering by firepits, patios, and sitting areas later into the evenings by stringing festive downlighting overhead. Use strategic spotlights to highlight eye-catching architectural details and garden focal points.

Flickering candles lend cozy mood lighting for dining tables and conversation nooks after sunset. Energy-saving LED bulbs consume far less electricity than old-school bulbs.

10. Sustainability

Taking a sustainable approach to landscaping builds beauty responsibly while benefiting the planet. Using native plants suited for the climate reduces watering and maintenance needs. Collecting rainfall in barrels and permeable patio materials prevents wasteful runoff. Efficient drip irrigation directly targets plant roots, minimizing water waste. Compost enriches soil organically, feeding helpful microbes and eliminating chemical fertilizers.

Breathing new life into salvaged or upcycled materials like old concrete or crab pots reduces waste. Choosing renewable, locally sourced construction materials like stone and wood aligns with green values.

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This year, evolve your landscape from bland to bold with these on-point ideas. Pathways entice exploration, structures encourage gathering, and smart planting enlivens aesthetics.

Focus on curb appeal along with creating areas for play, dining, and relaxing. Lighting and eco-friendly choices complete the package. By mixing and matching trends that excite you, any yard can become an enviable outdoor oasis. Add a few special touches that speak to you.

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